Real Money Casino Guide – How To Win Cash While Playing Slots

Pile of Money NotesPlaying online slots can often feel a bit overwhelming. When you've deposited real money at a casino and then are faced with hundreds of games, it's hard to know where to start. Do you pick the brightest slot that catches your eye or the top slot under ‘player favourites'? How about the one that's based on that superhero you really like, or the one with the jackpot ticking over above it?

What about research, do you need to know every game's rules, how the bonus features work and the maximum payout? You're bankroll is limited, so you want to know how to make real money fast. Luckily, you've come to the right place. Today we're discussing the tips and tricks which will help you to win slot games, and make real cash!


Learn About Slot Volatility And RTP

Risk Reward IllustrationSlot volatility and RTP are some of the most important concepts to consider when picking out a slot. While slots are essentially random, there are parts of the algorithms behind the game that decide whether a game will pay out small amounts frequently (low volatility) or large amounts once in a while (high volatility). Depending on your bankroll size, you need to consider which game volatility suits you.

High volatility slots can be prone to eating up your balance before a massive win can be made, whilst low volatility slots won't make you a lot of money, but will keep your balance nicely stable. You need to be aware of your chosen slot's volatility before you can set up a plan of action to win cash.

To win real money with any slot, you need to also consider the game's RTP. The RTP (return to player rate), is the amount of your bankroll you can expect to have remaining after an infinite number of spins on a specific game. It's usually shown as a percentage and the average slot should have a 96% RTP rate. As you'll only be playing for so many spins, rather than infinitely, you can never expect to get the exact RTP advertised by the game.

What's more as a slot's RTP will be advertised as lower than 100%, it can seem that you'll always lose money. However, the RTP of the game is worth considering as it shows how generous the game can be. The higher the RTP of a game, the better chances you have of walking away with cash.  Both volatility and RTP rates should be considered if you want to win real money at slots. They go hand in hand, so learning about both will be sure to help you succeed.


Progressive Jackpots

Jackpot ReelIf you're a slot newbie, then playing a progressive jackpot slot might seem the obvious choice for winning tons of money. Progressive jackpots can offer millions of pounds up for grabs, so those who want to win big must play these types of slots, right?

It's true that playing progressive jackpots could lead to a big win, however these types of games need more restraint and strategy than regular slots. Considering what we learnt above about RTP and volatility, you'll find that progressive jackpots have a high volatility. This means they may not pay out for over 100 spins, but at the end of the day, someone will be walking home with that jackpot.

If your bankroll allows you play for a long time, with large bets and irregular returns, then progressive jackpots could be your ticket to winning real cash. If you're on a tighter budget, however, don't be fooled by the appeal of those ticking numbers, your money could be swallowed up well before you even win a penny.

Those who do play progressive jackpot slots, however, might benefit from applying a small amount of strategy to their game. Many people track progressive jackpot games so they know exactly when to play, to maximize their chances of winning. For instance, a certain jackpot may usually be claimed once every six months, or when it reaches over £1 million. Specialized sites can help you track a progressive jackpot's patterns, and they're useful to look at before you start spinning.


Consider Your Mood

Angry Man Punching LaptopTo win real cash at slot machines, you need to understand that the game is random. This means that whilst we can point you towards certain tips and tricks, there's no solid strategy that can be applied to the game – unlike poker or blackjack. Being able to accept that sometimes it just isn't your day is very important if you're trying to make money.

A sequence of losses may leave you angry, but they can also spur you on to make less rational and considered bets. However, you need to recognise when this is happening and have the restraint to walk away from the game. If not, you not only won't win very much but you may lose a lot more than you bargained for too.

Additionally, you need to always consider why you're playing slots. Whilst you may start playing slots just to win real cash, they can also become a go-to for stress-relief and anger management. When you sit down to play any gambling game, you must consider your state of mind and mood. If you're upset, stressed or angry it's probably wise not to play as it can lead to taking riskier bets than you'd like. Furthermore, if you feel like you ‘need' to play slots, it could be that you're becoming addicted to the game and you may want to reach out for help.