NetEnt Bet Level And Coin Value Wagering – Explained & Understood

Updated 19th of March 2018

In the updated version of this article, you'll find a more comprehensive explanation of the wagering system on NetEnt slots. We paid extra close attention to the descriptions of coin value and bet level. After all, these two variables are what makes this NetEnt wagering system so flexible and unique. As a result, it should now be much easier to tell the difference between the two. Other than that, we removed some bits and pieces that were repetitive, and focused on value bets, thus making the guide as informative as possible.

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You'd be hard pushed to find a player who doesn't like NetEnt slots. Here at GoWin, we could praise NetEnt all day for just how great their game's library is.

But when it comes to their wagering system, we do have to admit that NetEnt may have over-complicated things. They use a very unique system of coin value and bet level, for players to place their wagers with.

Instead of just selecting your bet per line and then increasing or decreasing the number of paylines, NetEnt instead has all paylines active at all times and then lets you adjust the bet per line in two different ways.

Deciding whether to use bet level or coin value to adjust the wager size can be very confusing for new players. So, we thought we'd take a look at how it works and set your mind straight for when you next pick up a NetEnt game.

Coin Value And Bet Level

NetEnt betting slots split their wagering options into two categories. Players can adjust the amount they bet by either changing the coinvalue (in other words the betting coins) or the bet level. They can even use both simultaneously for flexibility. The higher you make either of these options, the more you will bet. But the total level bet changes very differently with each option.

Coin Value

netent coin value demonstration

Your coin value can be found on the right-hand side of the wagering area of any NetEnt slot. It effectively changes the level coin is at and affects all coins you are wagering on each line, per spin. In other words, it changes the value of each coin you're betting. The more you level up coin value, the greater effect of each bet on value becomes. By default, each coin is worth £0.01, which is the amount you will bet per line.

NetEnt coin slots differ in how many active lines they have, but on average they go with 20 paylines in total, meaning your starting bet will usually be £0.20. The maximum your coin value can go up to is £1.00, so with 20 paylines in total, your maximum bet using coin value alone is £20 across all the paylines.

In order to keep the bet coins at a reasonable level, the number of options for customisation you have are quite limited. It would be ridiculous to have to click your coin level up 100 times to go from a £0.01 to a £1.00 bet. That's where bet level comes in.

Bet Level

netent bet level demonstration

Bet level is effectively a multiplier for your coin value. Your bet level goes from one to 10. The value of your bet level is how much your coin value will be multiplied by. For example, if your coin value is one and your bet level is one, then you're only betting one coin worth £1 per payline.

However, if your lvl bet is five and your coin value is one, then you'll be betting five coins, since your bet in effect is five (bet level) x 1 (coin value) = five coins. This will come to a £5 bet per line, which will be a £100 in total across all 20 lines of the slot, for every spin you make.

This means that the total you can bet per line is 10 coins, or £10, since you can bet one coin worth £1 and then set it to a bet level of 10, thus adding an extra zero to your coin bet. Bet level allows you to not only customise your bets, but also to place much higher bets than what the standard coin value allows. All this is done without complicated systems too, so you can just quickly multiply your bets and then get spinning.

All you have to do to work out your bet total is to simply multiply your bet level by your coin value and the payline number. Or you can check the information bar at the bottom of any NetEnt slot to see the converted amount of your bet in coins and real money.

The Pros And Cons Of Netent's Wagering System

netent-bet-level-coin-valueIt's fair to say that NetEnt's wagering system does seem slightly more complicated than it needs to. Having a coin value and levels isn't the most elegant system in the world and even though NetEnt isn't the only company to use coins instead of currency, betting value and coins on their games is far from intuitive.

A coin system makes sense for a company as internationally played as NetEnt. Instead of having to create a unique version of their game for every single currency and territory the game is being played in, coins are a universal way to simply and clearly tell players what they're betting.

The value bet is worth in real money is displayed at the very bottom of the screen, just off the slot, so NetEnt don't have to produce any unique artwork to display it. There you can see the value of your wagers in comparison to the bet slot itself shows in-game, so you know exactly how much is on stake.

Since NetEnt slots always want all their paylines active, they've been forced into a corner when trying to give players the option to adjust their bets in an engaging way. They didn't want to just remove the payline adjustment option and then leaving it at that. Their solution is to split your levelbet per line into two different categories, to give you an increased flexibility.

Depending on how much control you want over your value betting, this is either a terrific move, or a slightly flabby one for what is in practice, quite a simple procedure to carry out. NetEnt possibly could've made the system more streamlined, but the added choice in terms of how much you can bet, without filling the screen with every single option, does make NetEnt slots more engaging and much easier on the eyes, by not bombarding you with information.

Play NetEnt Slots Without Confusion At GoWin Casino

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Now that you don't need to ask ‘what is bet coins?' anymore, there should be less stress and time wasted figuring out how much you're actually putting down on the table. That way, you can bet for value you clearly understand and have a more relaxed experience than ever before.

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