How Millennials are Changing the Face of Gambling

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The Vegas strip is changing and their new dilemma is how to capture young gamblers hook, line and sinker.  They want to push through a law that will change the future of gaming and gambling forever.  This law, will introduce millennials (young gamblers) to the virtual world of gambling and enable casinos, to literally, have all their ducks in a row.

Think candy crush, but for cash

This new bill is currently being considered by the State Senate Committee.  A bill like this will add more skill-based gambling to the Las Vegas rostrum – think candy crush, but for cash.

Game makers are now modelling the new slots on free-to-play games, which so far, have won the hearts and minds of the millennials online – so why aren’t the casinos cashing in?

Gambling vs Gaming

The mobile gaming crowd seem to be pushing for this change – and the Las Vegas crowd is listening. With the average age of visitors to Vegas dropping from 50 to 45 since 2009. The sin city revellers want something else and the days of ‘slot heaven’ is a distant memory.

Nevada's Gaming Control Board chairman A.G. Burnett said, according to the Las Vegas Sun, “The old style of slots simply needs to change – this means adding skill and social elements to the slot mix.”

What are your thoughts?  Do you prefer the skill and social element to gambling?  Or do you think they should keep things the way they are?

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