How Difficult Is Your Favourite Casino Game?

Difficulty MeterHere at GoWin, we offer a huge range of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette and many others too. All of our games are provided by world renowned software developers, which means you can rest assured that you're playing a high quality game, with a fair mechanism that will perform perfectly across all devices.

We hope that our range of games offers something for everyone, but this isn't to say all games were created equally. Different games require a different level of skill and understanding, and we will admit that some are harder to play than others. For example, games like slots and scratchcards only ask for you to place a wager and hit a button, so these are relatively easy.

In contrast, games like poker and blackjack are much harder as they call for strategic thinking. Today we're ranking each type of game from easiest to most difficult, so read on to find out how hard your favourite is!


Easy Peasy Games: Scratchcards And Slots


Of all the games available at GoWin, scratchcards are arguably the easiest to play. This is because they don't require any skill at all, or even knowledge of how to play. The player simply needs to purchase the scratchcard, then virtually scratch of the panels to reveal a prize. That's all there is to it! There's no way a player can change the outcome of the game either, so scratchcard games are basically all about chance.

GoWin Slots BrowserAt GoWin, we love slots. In fact, we'd go as far as saying they are our favourite type of casino game. This is because they're fun and they're incredibly easy to get the gist of, meaning they're perfect for all sorts of players. In the past few years slots developers have come up with more and more innovative ways to enhance their slot games, but at the end of the day most slots operate in the same way.

Players place a wager and then hit ‘spin' to see if they'll create a winning combination and take home a prize. Once the spin button has been pressed there's nothing more a player can do, as each spin is decided by a complex algorithm produced by the slot's random number generator.

On the whole, slots are very easy to play, however being a successful slot player is slightly more tricky. Players can choose their slot game based around variance and return to player rate, and these factors impact the size and frequency of your wins. For instance, the higher the RTP, the more chance you have of a slot paying out more often. Good slot players are aware of these variables and will adopt new betting strategies depending on which kind of slot they've chosen to play.


A Little Bit Harder: Roulette And Poker


Roulette on MobileRoulette is often underestimated. People see it as easy game to play, as it's very easy to understand; you are simply releasing a ball into a spinning wheel and betting on where it will land. However, the amount of different bets which can be placed makes the game more complex, and to be a competent roulette player you need to get to grips with them all. This is why we've ranked roulette as a medium difficulty game, as there's a lot to remember.

Most people will understand what an ‘outside' bet is in Roulette. These are bets that offer an almost 50% chance of coming in, such as odd or even, or red or black. You can also bet on single numbers, columns and ranges of numbers such as 1-18.

These are all very simple to understand, yet when you introduce more advanced betting options such as ‘snake bets', corner bets and ‘voisins', the game can get more confusing. Once a player is aware of all the different betting options, and how these impact the house edge, however, the game goes from medium difficulty to easy – just remember to do some revision first!


Like roulette, poker can seem confusing at first for new players. This is because there's a lot going on at once, and there's lots of lingo specific to the game. First of all, new poker players need to understand that there are lots of different video poker games around, and finding one with a decent RTP is important. Secondly, players need to know that to be successful at poker you will need to adopt a proven poker strategy.

Poker Chips and Cards on KeyboardFor instance, whilst you'll be handed cards at random, there are certain combinations of cards which offer higher rewards. You need to understand these combinations, in order to succeed at poker, and know which cards to get rid of. For instance, you may have been given a hand that contains a 3 of hearts, a 5 of hearts, a 6 of hearts, a 9 of hearts and a 4 of clubs.

With this hand its much wiser to get rid of the 4 of clubs and go for a flush, than get rid of the 9 of hearts and hope you'll create a straight. This is because there are only 8 available cards to complete the straight (four twos and four sevens), whereas to create the flush there is still 9 available cards that could be hit.

Understanding the outcomes of every decision is vital when playing poker, and this is how you start playing with a strategy in mind. Accomplished poker players will have spent a lot of time studying what the right call to make is in any situation that may arise, depending on what cards they have in their hands. Poker requires players to have an in depth knowledge of the game, and this is why we've ranked it as medium difficulty.


The Most Difficult Game Of All: Blackjack

Blackjack DesktopBlackjack is the hardest game at any casino – fact. We know that this could be seen as a controversial statement, but hear us out! On the surface, yes, blackjack seems quite simple to play; you try to beat the dealers score without going over 21, yet being successful at blackjack is a whole different story.

Blackjack demands a high level of strategic and creative thinking. Players need to understand at least a basic blackjack strategy before they play, and ideally get to grips with a more complex strategy too. There are many guides players can read to help them learn, but don't be fooled into thinking it's as easy as it seems.

Many players ultimately fail to be regular winners at blackjack because they get ahead of themselves and think that they no longer need to follow a plan. Blackjack tops our list as the hardest game at GoWin because it appears to be much simpler than it actually is!

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