How To Beat Mobile Deposit Limits (And Gamble On A Budget)

boku deposit limitMobile phone bill depositing has dozens of benefits for casino plays, from its speed and simple convenience, to its anonymity and security. The one big drawback which we can simply never ignore, however, is the fact that it’s limiting in terms of the amounts you can deposit.

With an average limit of £10 per transaction and £30 per day, this can be great news for the casual player who wants to keep on top of their spending, but it also means that when you’re playing, you have to be mindful that you’re on a relatively tight budget.

We thought it would be useful, then, to share with you some tips for how to stay on top of your finances when you’re using mobile phone bill deposits, and might be a little short on casino funds. These are just some suggestions, and obviously might not play into your playing style, but it is worth keeping them in consideration if you’re planning to use only phone bill deposits.


1. Low-Variance Games Are Your Friends

Mobile Slot VarianceFirst up, let’s think about the game types which will see you well if you don’t want to lose all your cash too quickly. If you’re really into your slots, then we’d highly recommend that you play games that have a low variance.

Variance dictates whether a slot pays little and often or more and rarely. While high variance slots offer a great deal of excitement and potentially bigger wins, for players on a budget, it’s far more advisable to stick to lower variance games.

Because you’re guaranteed more lower value wins, it’s much harder to eat through your bankroll at any kind of pace, meaning that even if you’re relatively unlucky, you can stay in the game for much longer.


2. High RTP Rate Games Are Also Your Friends

slot rtpRelated to, but crucially not the same as, variance is the RTP (return to player) rate of the games you’re playing. The rate is presented as a percentage, and tells you how much of your original bankroll you’d have on average over an infinite number of spins.

Although it’s obvious that luck plays a big hand in whether this has any effect on the outcome of your game, you’re more likely to keep more of your limited cash on high RTP games.


3. (s)Low And Steady Wins The Race

We all like to think of ourselves as big-time ballers from time to time, and making bold wagers when things look tight can certainly be a thrill. Yet, you’ve got to listen to that voice of reason in your head that tells you not to get carried away with big wagers, and instead advises moderation. Yup, it might be the most boring word in the English language, but ‘moderation’ is key if you don’t want to mug yourself off when facing mobile phone bill deposit limits.

It’s advisable to approach games with the mind-set that you need to make small wagers and make them count. OK, you might not be making dollar hand over fist, but a little patience and perseverance in times like this, and even with smaller wagers, you’re often still able to ensure you make some decent winnings.

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