The Hardest Casino Games You Need To Learn Before Playing

casino-gabling-for-dummies-book-coverThere's a reason why patience is considered a virtue, because it's an uncommon quality that people rarely strive for. But looking at what the internet has given us, it's hardly a surprise that most people aren't patient. We can have almost everything immediately and nowhere else is that truer, than with online casinos.

Within minutes of setting up an account, you can start betting and winning real money on games that are incredibly simple to pick up. But much like that book's cover you didn't like the look of, casino games come with a lot of subtle rules which can greatly improve your play, if you take the time to learn them. So without further delay, these are the casino games that you should take a few moments to learn how to play properly, before you start throwing money at them.


Roulette Has Stupidly Complex Betting

Roulette looks like the simplest game in the world. You put the little ball in the big wheel, pick a number and then if your number wins, you get money. It's so straightforward that even a child could play it, if there wasn't a gambling element.

But did you know, that betting in roulette can end up looking like this if you play it properly?

There's So Many Options, They Can't Be Displayed On One Betting Table Alone

Not so easy now is it? In fact, we'd comfortably say that roulette is one of the few casino games, where the betting is actually the game itself. The ball going into the wheel is completely random and players won't even have to worry about that at all. But betting in roulette is so diverse, we've actually written an in depth guide, just explaining the basics.

And we could write 10 more articles about the statistics, chances and potential payouts of every single type of bet you can make in roulette, of which there's easily over a dozen. So before you even take one single spin on that roulette wheel, take a look at our guide and do some research into how betting actually works inn the game, or you'll be losing money quicker than if you cut holes in your own pockets.


Blackjack Is More Than Just ‘Hit or Stay'

GoWin Mobile Blackjack LogoBlackjack is possibly one of the cruelest casino games for any new player. The dealer gets cards, you get cards, whoever gets closest to 21 wins. It sounds so simple and almost random to the point that players will blindly “hit” and “stay” their way through the game, believing that playing takes no skill and they might just luck out and make some money.

Sadly, blackjack is a game that has an extremely deep rule book, if you take the time to learn it. Pro players have spent decades breaking the game down, to have a response for every single play that happens. If you're the kind of player who likes a logical game, where each play has a defense, then blackjack is for you. But in the meantime, you'll have a lot of learning to do.

Did you know for instance, that you can split your decks in blackjack? Did you know that aces should never be split and 8s should always be split?  Did you know you can double your bet to win more back as a reward, but only receive one card as part of the risk? Did you know you can place an insurance bet on the dealer getting blackjack? These are just some of the plays and features that have to be learned before you can even start get good at blackjack and begin to close the advantage that the dealer has.

So before you run in, thinking blackjack is just a case of hit or stay, get a feel for the rules and actually start winning money at the blackjack tables.


Poker Forces You To Learn Psychology

online-pokerKnowing how to lie well is hard. Knowing how to lie well in an online poker game where your only means of communication is instant messaging and how much you're betting, is even harder. Poker is a really simple game once you get to grips with the basic gameplay. The dealer deals cards, you compare the cards in your hand to the cards on the table and then hope your hand is the best out of everyone else.

But poker differs from other casino table games simply because there's other players involved. With most casino games, it's you versus the dealer (the casino). With poker, you're betting against other players who all want the big cash pot waiting at the end of the hand. You'll have to put on your best poker face, to lie and misdirect the rest of the table and make them think their hand isn't worth playing for.

It's a skill that's hard to pick up and takes a long time to perfect in order to have consistent results. So before you head to the tables, read a few articles or books about the subtitles and tactics of lying in poker, or someone at the table who knows better, will hang you out to dry.


Progressive Jackpot Slots Need To Be Researched

progressive-jackpot-slotSlots are the perfect entry level game for anyone who wants to start playing at the casino. They were easy to understand when they were physical machines and in their online form, the increased automation has only made them simpler.

But then we come to progressive jackpot slots. A progressive jackpot just means that the slot has an additional jackpot which is made up of a percentage of all the losses of other players. The more people play, the more the total goes up and so the jackpot “progresses” to larger amounts, until it's won.

Maybe that might sound simple, but that progressive jackpot's worth can vary wildly depending on how likely you are to win it, how much it costs to play for and how many players are also trying to win it. All of these factors will affect how much you're spending and how quickly the jackpot will increase. The perfect balance is a jackpot which is massive and gives players a good chance of grabbing a piece of it; but that's a balance slot developers rarely get right.

With all those factors added on to progressive jackpot slots, it's best to give each one a look in. There's nothing fundamental you have to re-learn when it comes to prog jackpot slots, as they are a relatively simple concept. But those extra additions to the game, make predicting your payouts all the harder, if you haven't done some snooping on each slot before you play it.


Play Smarter At The Casino

gamblingThe casino is a place we all go to relax, but whenever money's involved, it's always best to play it safe and be on alert. If a game looks simple and appears to be easy to master, keep in mind that the only reason it's available is because it benefits the casino more than the player.

Casino's aren't the kind of places to hand out wins to the audience easily. Casinos have gotten smarter, and a smarter casino demands a smarter player. So before you put your money on a casino game, especially one which has been played for decades, try to figure out why it's stuck around so long and what you can learn about it, to even the odds.

And when you are ready to come and play Roulette, Blackjack, progressive jackpot slots or any of our other exciting great games, visit the GoWin casino page for massive bonuses!

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