Guide: High RTP Slots & Return to Player Slot Machines

If you often read video slot machine guides and reviews, then you've probably come across this popular acronym before. RTP means the rate at which wagers are returned to players.

This is normally represented as a percentage, yet if you don't fully understand what the numbers mean then today's your lucky day. Of course, if this is a new concept to you, you're in safe hands too.

On this page, we'll be discussing:

  • How RTP affects gameplay
  • How you can make sure that you're getting the most from the games you love
  • What a good return player rate may be
  • What house edge means
  • Where to play the highest rated slot titles

Highest RTP Slots at UK Slot Sites

Below you can find a list of some of the best slot games. The list includes Microgaming and NetEnt titles (which are often very popular to play), as well as titles from other software developers.

If you want to learn more about the titles mentioned in this list, keep reading as we'll go into more detail later on the page.

  • 🔥 Mega Joker – 99%
  • 🔥 Jackpot 6000 – 98.8%
  • 🔥 1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.6%
  • Blood Suckers – 98%
  • Starmania – 97.87%
  • Kings of Chicago – 97.8%
  • Devil's Delight – 97.6%
  • Retro Reels Extreme Heat – 97.5%
  • Simsalabim – 97.5%
  • Jack Hammer 2 – 97.1%

Highest RTP at UK Casinos

  1. Simba Games Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £150 + 50 FS

  2. Mega Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £300 + 100 FS

  3. Casumo Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% Bonus up to £300 + 20 free spins

  4. Spinit Casino Review Logo Linear
    Up to £200 Bonus + 200 Extra Spins

  5. LuckyMe Slots Casino Review Logo Linear
    100 Free Spins

  6. Genesis Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £100 + 300 Free Spins

What Is an RTP Rate?

An RTP rate is, essentially, the percentage of total wins divided by the total stakes wagered. However, it's theoretical. This means that the percentage is calculated over an extended period of play and doesn't represent what happens each time the game is played.

For example, if a video slot has a 95% rate, you shouldn't expect a 5p loss and 95p win from you wager.

This is because sometimes, your 95p could be going towards somebody else's win, or somebody else's stake could be contributing to the £50 you've just cashed in. Essentially, the rate is not evenly distributed.

If it was, we'd be paying 5p to play rather than gambling. Besides, if the player percentage was fixed to each spin, who would even play knowing they were losing out?

How To Calculate the RTP of a Slot

Woman Using Calculator and Making Notes

The beauty of gambling is in the uncertainty: the idea that for your £1, you could be taking five other players' 95ps and winning £4.75. However, this is also what makes calculating RTP rates so difficult.

An RTP is a measure of all the turns played by all players, pooled together.
So, for example, if you take home £250 from a £10 session, you can calculate a rate of 2500%, yet this means that many other players have probably lost out. Whilst you were winning, they were experiencing a rate lower than advertised.

That's because the theoretical payout may not be realised in any particular number of spins and you can't take into account the spins other people have made beforehand. This makes calculating the rate of a slot virtually impossible for the average gamer.

So, Why Should You Pay Attention To A Game's RTP?

Reading above, you may be tempted to think that if this figure isn't even representing your gameplay, then why consider it at all?

Well, if you look at the flip side, you have the ‘house edge‘. All slot sites have a house advantage, which is basically their profit on each game. Naturally, such sites wouldn't be able to stick around if they weren't making money from their players.

House Edge

House edge is the exact opposite of the RTP. So, for example, if a slot offers a rate of 96%, this means it also has a 4% house edge. It's the percentage you'll theoretically lose to the house.

These figures are useful if you want to see if your chosen slot machine is worth playing. Whilst either of these numbers won't predict what happens in the short term (as you probably know, anything can happen in the short term), they do predict the long term results of the game and show whether the slot is actually going to be rewarding or if it's a rip-off.

Ultimately, these rates can help you to gamble responsibly as they can help you budget effectively.

What Is a Good RTP Rate?

A good mobile slot should generally have a rate of around 94% or above. Any slot under this amount is probably just a money grabber, yet in recent years we've also seen the rise of games which alter their rate based around how long you play for; the ones which may offer ‘levels' as a feature.

The more you play, the higher the level you reach in the game, and the higher payback percentage you receive. If you like long gaming sessions, these are the best types to win on.

Is A High Payout Percentage Always A Good Thing?

It would seem fairly obvious then, that as a player you should always choose a slot with a decent RTP and a low house advantage. However, this isn't always the case as sometimes players need to consider the slot's volatility (or variance) too.

Volatility refers to the risk a slot inherently possesses. Broadly speaking, low volatility slots will pay out frequent small amounts, whilst high volatility slots will pay out large sums once in a while.

High Volatility

Big variance slots will often have a lower RTP, but this isn't to say that you shouldn't play a slot with a high variance. On the contrary, in fact, as these games offer much bigger wins than usual. However, you also run the risk of spinning for quite a while without any substantial rewards.

This is because your 95p (if we consider the example used above) is being stored up by the slot to create one huge payout. As mentioned earlier, you have no way of knowing if you'll receive the money or someone will. This considered, it's generally OK for these titles to have a rate of around 94%, but some can go as low as 92%.

Low Volatility

On the other hand, low variance slots often boast the biggest RTP percentages. However, as you can probably guess by now, better stakes also mean lower payouts. Low volatility games payout frequently, which makes them perfect for casual gamers or those who want their budget to last longer.

The percentage rates of these titles are higher as they're not pooling the money so often. Using the same example as earlier, this means that it's less likely that your money will go somewhere else.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a whole different issue. While they usually belong to the high volatility class, they also offer jackpots that significantly lower the game’s RTP.

Is there a way to win at slots with such jackpots aside from actually hitting the grand prize? We’d say yes, but your chances are better on other games. Progressive jackpot titles are aimed at players who risk whatever to win it all. If you want to learn how to play slots and win often, therefore, progressive jackpots aren’t the greatest pick, because you’ll either win once or not win much at all.

How To Win At Online Slots

To figure out how to win on slots, you need to consider all of the things we've just mentioned:

  • The game's RTP rate
  • The game's variance
  • The type of slot game you're playing (is it a ‘level up' game? is it a progressive jackpot? etc)

All of these factors can help you win, and help you work out your chances of winning before you play. For instance, a 93% slot won't be very lucrative unless it has a high variance. These are like high-risk offerings. They’ll either pay you tenfold or leave you barehanded. So you should be ready to lose it all and lose it quickly. And if you win, don’t rush to put it all at stake again.

On the other hand, a generous RTP rate often means the game has low variance, as we mentioned already. So how can you win on slots with low payouts? Easy – wait for the extra features.

It’s easy to do it with small budgets due to frequent returns, but don’t get carried away either. Asking how much will my bet return after every couple dozen spins is a good way to keep the bankroll in check.

Finding RTP Rates

Mega Joker High RTP Slot on Laptop

All the guidance on this page is basically useless without a list of RTP rates for your favourite slot games. Luckily, for players in the UK, RTP rates must be easily accessible. In accordance with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission's ‘Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards' regulations, each online game must display:

  • A description of the way the game works and the way in which winners are determined
    and prizes allocated
  • House edge (or margin)
  • The return to player (RTP) percentage or
  • The probability (likelihood) of winning events occurring.

This is to ensure the player can make an informed decision about his/her chances of winning, before deciding to gamble.

⚠️ This being said, an exhaustive RTP list is still very hard to come by. Sometimes rates may be listed in the casino's terms and conditions, yet we have an even better solution for you – below, we've listed some of the most popular online slots around, all of which have decent RTP rates.

1. Blackjack

That's right, table games often have the highest RTP rates of around or even above 99%. Of course, you won't win much in a single round, but they're the best games to play if you want to win steadily and maximise your returns.

2. 1429 Uncharted Seas

This video slot has a 98.60% gameplay percentage. Unfortunately, this is the reason why it's always excluded from all bonuses and promotions. On the bright side, you won't find a slot that pays as much and as often as this one, at least in theory. Therefore, it's arguably the best slot game to win money on.

3. High Rise

Boasting of a 95.14% RTP, this classic themed game by Realistic that pays out big without eating up all of your funds in no time. As the name suggests, it offers some high jackpots, so don't let the retro design turn you off.

4. Mega Moolah

The world's most popular progressive jackpot slot is played by thousands every day and it's been there for many years already. You'll be surprised to learn that its RTP is only 88.12%, which seems low, but this is normal for a slot with such a huge jackpot.

5. Your Lucky Day

With an RTP of 96.4%, this underrated Microgaming slot features several bonuses, each more lucrative than the other, promising huge returns for the players on the lucky end of the game's payout mechanism.

6. Mega Joker

Not to be confused with the Novomatic's game of the same name, this NetEnt slot offers the best RTP we've found at up to 99%. It's an old classic type of a slot, but it easily beats many of the modern titles we've come across too.

7. 1 Can 2 Can

1 Can 2 Can has an RTP of 95.25%, and comes complete with free spins, wilds, and frequent bonuses. This makes it one of the most entertaining titles on this list.

You can find all of the titles listed above at some of the UK's biggest and best mobile sites such as GoWin, Casumo and Power Spins. All of these sites offer good RTP titles and so, if you're looking to maximise your winnings, these are all good places to start.

Always remember, however, to gamble responsibly and to read terms and conditions carefully.

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