Guide to Progressive Jackpot Mobile Slots at GoWin Casino

Jackpot LogoMany mobile casinos go on about progressive jackpots quite a lot, in the hopes of tempting players to their sites who are looking to land life changing amounts of cash. While players know that there’s big money up for grabs, they often don’t understand how progressive jackpots work. In this post we’ll fill you in on the working of progressive jackpot slots, including how the cash to fund them is collected, the various rules for winning them at different casinos, and most importantly, fill you in on the great progressive jackpot mobile slots available at GoWin casino.


How Progressive Jackpots Work

Now I’m going to go right ahead and assume we’re all happy about what I mean when I say ‘jackpot’, so I’m going to focus more on the ‘progressive’ bit. Basically, the more players wager on a progressive jackpot, the higher the value climbs, so it progressively grows larger and larger until it is won.

This is because the games will take a set percentage of ever wager made on the slot, and add it to the kitty waiting to be won – this is why progressive jackpot slots are often high volatility and/or have a low return to player. Most progressive games have two or three kitties running at any given time, meaning that if someone wins the jackpot, the new total doesn’t simply drop to zero, but instead stays at a level worth winning.

Although the majority of progressive mobile slots will allow you to win the top prize regardless of how much you’ve wagered, others require you to be either making larger bets, playing all the paylines, or doing some other specific requirement in order to win the jackpot. Make sure you check the rules of any give jackpot slot before playing, to make sure you’re not chasing a jackpot you’ve no chance of winning.


Progressives Available At GoWin Casino

It’s sad for us to admit this, but until relatively recently our offering of progressive jackpot slots left a little to be desired. We’re happy to announce now, though, that a few recent additions to the GoWin jackpot collection are already proving huge hits with our players, and have already guaranteed that our casino is becoming a destination for those looking for big jackpots. Below are a few of our top picks for jackpot slots at GoWin. Let's go!



Winstar Slot LogoOne of our most recent addition is that fantastic (and super trippy) Winstar. The colour and excitement of the game and its soundtrack are matched only by the gripping gameplay and the looming promise of a progressive jackpot being won at any moment. Keep an eye out for the stacked wilds in Winstar, as these have the ability to fill entire reels, and can even fill out ever symbol on the slot; if you’re lucky enough for this to happen, you could be enjoying a whopping 1,000x your initial stake!


Genie Jackpots

Genie Jackpots LogoWinning a progressive jackpot big enough can help you make some of the wishes most important to you come true. That’s never been more the case than with Genie Jackpots – the slot which invites you to rub a magic lamp and find out what’s laying inside. This game is unusual for jackpot slots, owing to the facts that it’s got a low volatility and high return to player rate. Also, you’ve got three fantastic and unique bonus games to try out too – there’s really a lot going on.


Jungle Jackpots: Mowgli’s Wild Adventure

Jungle JackpotsAnyone who’s a fan of the Jungle Book will instantly be familiar with the name of its protagonist featured in this slot. Jungle Jackpots: Mowgli's Wild Adventure uses Rudyard Kipling’s popular work as inspiration for the theme, creating a sense of jungle paradise in the way the slot looks and sounds. The game is completely packed with bonus features, from locking and expanding wilds, to special bonus mini games. Best of all, of course, is the fact that this game offers players the chance to get their hands on a huge progressive bonus which could change their lives. And if you play the game this week, you can claim a bonus too!