GoWin Games of the Week #3

games of the week

Wow, the weeks fly-by faster than Usain Bolt with a rocket up his ar*e! Yes, it’s that time of the week again where we look back over the last seven days and discover your top four favourite GoWin games!



This week the apple of your eye here at GoWin seems to be Get Fruity with its juicy jackpots and a-peeling payouts!

Blackjack comes in at a close number 2 after just being pipped (Ha! Get it?) to the post by Get Fruity. With it's old-skool casino game-play, you guys can't seem to get enough. A classic in the making!

Evidently, Private P.I sneaks through the back door at number 3 this week showing us you guys have a sharp eye for fantastic payouts.

Fittingly for a Friday closing the countdown at number 4 is Fiesta.  You lovely ladies and gents know how to party hard don't you!

#1 Get Fruity

GoWin Get Fruity

Seriously, it would be far too easy to go bananas and throw around thousands of fruit based metaphors and idioms with this piece. The last thing we want is you to get sour grapes over our cleverness. But alas! You don't have to because it seems that you're wayyy smarter than us anyway.

You chose Get Fruity as your number one GoWin game of the week and core b-limey, what a peach this is.

With bets starting from a ridiculous 1 penny you could find yourself ripely picking a cool £2,500 per line! What makes Get Fruity so blooming fandabidozi is that you could also find yourself stuffing your pockets with a big fat juicy £22, 500 – all from one spin!

Put that in your fruit salad and smoke it!

#2 Blackjack

GoWin Blackjack

There are some games here at GoWin which need very little introduction.

And, well done, you chose Blackjack to roll in at number 2 because you appreciate a timeless classic.

Being a GoWin player, you also understand the skills and thrills of such an iconic game and the rewards it gives when you beat the dealer.

With its huge jackpots no wonder getting that all important number 21 makes this your number 2 for this week.

#3 Loaded PI

GoWin loaded PI

Kicking the door down at number 3 is Loaded P.I.

We didn't even bother going undercover with this one as your enthusiasm for unrestrained entertainment and bank-busting jackpots certainly left its mark with us this week.

No need to play good cop bad cop with your bank manager as bets start as low as 1p meaning you can crack-on investigating the best way to unlock this dazzling 5 reel 25 payline slot.

With rewards hitting £25,000, no wonder this is most wanted.

#4 Fiesta


No, it's not a consumer production car made by a giant U.S automotive manufacturer…it's a party on your smartphone!

Bursting in at number 4 is the loud, brash and ever popular Fiesta.

This slot gives you no time to slouch as its vibrant party experience keeps you on your toes every spin.

With fab visuals and payouts reaching £25,000 you'd be mad to be a party pooper and miss out.

What a week it has been. Four great games selected by you our ever faithful players.

Until next week ladies and gents and remember, wherever you want to go today, GoWin!

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