GoWin Casino’s 50% Up To £100 Win Boost Weekend Promotion

GoWin Win Boost PromotioYou know the saying ‘you’ve got to have money to make money’? Well, it’s pretty accurate to apply it to the promotion on offer at GoWin Casino this weekend, where players who are lucky enough to pocket decent winnings will see their bank balance grow even more off the back of their success. This win boost promotion is going to make your luck feel even better than before and have players celebrating their wins twice as hard.


Win Boost Promotion

Traditionally, casinos will usually give you match bonuses on your deposits as a reward for returning to the casino, or cashback on your losses to make up for your misfortune. It’s generally assumed that winning a decent amount on slots and casino games is reward enough in its own right, meaning that there are very few promotions that focus at winning players as their target audience.

GoWin LogoGoWin Casino is changing that this weekend, though, because between Friday 10th and Sunday 12th March, any players who end up having won money over the weekend will have their winnings added to with a win boost bonus designed to make your success taste even sweeter. At the end of the weekend, if you’ve finished up on your wagers, we’ll add a nice 50% on top of whatever you’ve won, up to a total value of £100!

All you have to do to make yourself eligible to receive this win boost is to ensure you’ve deposited at least £10 over the course of the promotional period, and finish the weekend at least £10 up on where you started it. The cash will be added to your account after the promotion ends.


Try Our New Games

This promotion rewards you for all winnings across all games at GoWin, meaning that it’s the perfect opportunity to try out one or more of the new games we’re adding to our roster this week.

We’re launching the games Stella Jackpots with More Monkeys, Hi-Lo Gambler and The Pig Wizard – two slots and one Hi-Lo game – on Thursday 9th March, meaning they’re going to be fresh and read for you to play just in time for this weekend win boost promotion!