GoWin Casino Guide To New Blackjack 6 In 1 Side Bets

Blackjack 6 in 1 Logo Thursday this week sees the launch of a brand new blackjack variant game from our friends over at Felt Gaming. The game – Blackjack 6 in 1 – offers players the chance to enjoy a classic game of blackjack on beautifully rendered HD tables, with plenty of options in the base game and world-class animation.

The key aspect that sets this game apart, however, is the fact that it allows players to enjoy six different side bets which they can mix and match to their heart’s content. You can play as many or as few of the side bets as you like, with each of them offering the chance for you to cash in on hands, even if you lose them.


Classic Blackjack With A Twist

Blackjack 6 in 1 TableDon’t worry if you’re a die-hard blackjack fan, this game does nothing to detract from the quality of the basic game on offer. The principle is still that you’ll be drawn cards which must add up to the closest number to 21 you can get without going over, while still being closer to the target number than the dealer. You’re drawn two initial cards, and then it’s up to you to decide how many more you want based on where you start, with subsequent cards being drawn one by one.

The only difference with the side bets being included in this game is that you can wager a little extra money on each hand to activate anywhere between one and six of the side bets of your choosing, which if you win, will simply pay out into your playing bankroll. Your decision to play or not play side bets on any specific hand will have absolutely no effect on the outcome of the main hand, and is simply a fun bonus which pays whether you win or lose the main hand.


The Six Side Bets

So without further ado, let’s look at these six side bets, and explain how each of them works. Remember, you can play all six, just one or two, none of them, or anything in between. You get to hand pick which you activate on each hand to ensure you are always in full control of your game.

1. Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is arguably the simplest side bet to win, and easiest to spot right away. To win, all you need to happen is for the first two cards you’re drawn to be matching pairs, either the same value or the same suite. Basically what this means if you get two 10s or two Hearts, you’re going to get a payout (or any other combination of matching cards. The payback index on Perfect Pairs is 93.89%.

2. 21+3

Now, 21+3 is where things start getting a little complicated. Essentially, this side bet introduces elements of poker into blackjack, with the first two cards of the players hand being combined with the face up card in the dealer’s hand in order to create three card poker hands.

If you have a viable hand from these combinations, the side bet gets paid, and the higher the value of the hand, the higher you’ll get paid. The payback index for this side bet is 92.86%.

3. Lucky Ladies

While 21+3 took things into a more complex direction, Lucky Ladies simplifies things all over again. In this easy little side bet, what you’re looking for is one or both of the first two cards to be draw into to your hand to be Queens. Just one Queen will payout, while both your cards being the female face card will pay even higher. This side bet has a payback index of 93.78%.

4. Suit’em Up

Blackjack 6 in 1 HandThis fourth side bet is similar to perfect pairs, however this time round matching values aren’t paid. No, with Suit’em Up all you’re looking for is for your first two cards to be drawn into your hand to be of the same suit. There’s around about a 25% chance of your first two cards being the same suit, so this side bet pays regularly. The payback index for Suit’em Up is 95.35%.

5. Lucky Lucky

Anyone who knows blackjack knows that the best way to start the game is for your opening hand to be somewhere between 19 and 21 in value, as this makes you exceedingly hard to beat. Well, even if the dealer does manage to beat you, this side bet will ensure you’re still paid if your first two cards are worth 19, 20 or 21. The payback index for this side bet is 94.14%.

6. Buster Blackjack

The dream for any blackjack player is for the dealer to go bust – it means that whatever the value of your hand, you get paid anyway. You’re even more lucky if you’ve activated this side bet when the dealer goes bust; not only does it pay if he goes over 21, but the more cards he has when he does, the higher the payout for you will be. The payback index for Buster Blackjack is 93.8%.

Blackjack 6 in 1 from Felt Gaming goes live at GoWin Casino this Thursday, 30th March.

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