Gambling Apps – Worth Downloading Or Simply A Nuisance?

With the speeds of wifi and mobile internet ever increasing, it’s becoming more and more viable for online and mobile casino players to simply stream slots and casino games directly through their browser. This being said, many mobile casino operators will invite you to download gaming apps, whether it’s a single game or a whole casino suite, and many players still choose to do this as their main source of gambling on their smartphones. The question is, is there really any benefit to downloading these apps, or are the players who do simply stuck in the past?


Pros To Downloading Mobile Gambling Apps

Use Less Data

Running out of data before you get to the end of the month is as annoying as it is expensive, and when you’re playing flashy casino games will all kinds of bells and whistles, you can eat through your data at a ridiculous speed if you’re streaming your game/casino through your phone browser. You don’t want to have data at the back of your mind when you’re playing, because it basically guarantees you’ll have a less enjoyable experience.

Phone Data This is one of the biggest problems using casino apps addresses – you can download them for free when you have access to Wifi, then go mobile with them, and use a fraction of the data to be able to play and win. GoWin’s own mobile casino app is a great way for you to save on data.

Better Operation

Have you ever been streaming what should be a high quality mobile slot to your phone, only to find that the graphics are grainy and that the game is lagging horribly? Unless you have guaranteed access to seamless internet data, there’s a decent chance that when you’re streaming games, the quality is going to be a whole lot worse than you’d hope and expect.

This is never an issue if you choose to download a gambling app; the app is already on your phone, and requires minimal data to function, meaning that its running is fast and smooth.

Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus IllustrationOne of the lesser known perks of mobile casino apps is that some will often feature bonuses or promotions which aren’t available to players who are streaming their games.

Even if an app doesn’t have exclusive bonuses, the majority of casino apps will push notifications onto your phone to let you know when there’s a great new promotion you should be taking advantage of at the casino, meaning you can always be the first to claim, and make sure you never miss out.


Cons To Downloading Mobile Gambling Apps

Phone Memory

Phone Storage Full For all the convenience of having easy access and better operation of games, casino gambling apps are still apps, and as such will take up space in your phone memory. For the majority of players on modern smartphones, however, this space is minimal.

If you’re using a neat and compact app like GoWin’s own casino app, then it shouldn’t take up too much room anyway. If you’re the kind of person who’s always having to delete one app before downloading another, though, gambling apps might not really be right for you.

More Temptation

Responsible gambling is one of the key tenets we go by here at GoWin casino, which is why we recognise that the temptation of having a casino gambling app looking at you whenever you’re on your phone might be a little too much for some gamblers. If you’re trying to get a handle on problem gambling, or simply want to gamble a little less, you might want to reconsider before downloading one of these apps.

Worse Battery Life

Phone Battery Low While it might be true that streaming games through your browser uses more power when the game is in operation, what lots of people forget is that many gambling apps will stay operational, even when they’re not onscreen, and can sap away at your battery life long after you’ve finished your gambling session.

This is easily fixed by making sure you properly shutdown the app when you’re finished playing, or using an app like GoWin’s mobile casino app, which minimises battery use to ensure gaming doesn’t kill your phone.

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