How To Bet Smartly: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mobile Gambling

gowin-casino-mobileSo you've decided to become a mobile gambler. Congratulations! You're well on your way to having an enthralling ride and you may win a few quid while you're at it. Mobile gambling can be a tricky business, though. Especially if you're new to it, it can get quickly get problematic when you don't know what you're doing.

And it's not easy to know, either. If only someone can come up with a guide on how best to approach mobile gambling and how to gamble smartly… Oh wait! That's what we've done, because we like to help new players. Here are the major do's and don'ts of mobile gambling.


The Do's Of Mobile Gambling

1) Take Breaks

keyboard breakThis one many people tend to forget, especially with mobile gambling. When you are in a real-life casino, it's easier to judge when you need to take a break from betting, although still pretty difficult (why else do you think they don't have any windows?).

Online, however, it's much easier to lose track of time and how much you're spending because you're staring at a screen the whole time and not ‘being there' physically. How many times have you lost track of things simply by checking Facebook? It's very easily done. That's just the way our brains work.

Taking breaks from gambling (even if they're just short five minute ones) gives you a chance to refresh your mind and rethink your strategy. This is especially true for games that require a level of skill and practise like Blackjack or Poker.

But purely the sake of your own sanity, it's always a good idea, especially after losing countless times with a game you have little control over such as horse racing or Roulette. It also acts as an effective cut-off point too so that you don't end up overspending. How do you know when to take a break? When the game stops being fun.

2) Play With A Budget

Common sense dictates that you should never gamble all your available funds. Even if you've got all the money in the world, you need a budget to stick to so as not to lose it all at once. When it comes to mobile gambling, this is much easier than you think it is. When you deposit money, there are plenty of set limits out there to stop you from spending outside your means. For instance, if you choose to pay by phone then your daily limit is £30 a day. That should be more than enough to keep you in check.

A budget is an extremely effective method that helps players know when their cut off point is. Try setting yourself one! Agree to only spend £20 a week and once that's all gone, wait until the following week to deposit more. It might be hard to believe, but you're more likely to win with smaller amounts of money than larger amounts.

3) Keep Track Of Your Winnings

tally chalkWhile mobile gambling, this is probably the last thing you think about. All you care for is getting that win and, when you do, it feels like an ultimate victory. You beat the casino. Well done, congratulations! But make sure you keep track of those winnings, otherwise it's easy to lose sight of what you've gained.

A written record is best as you can refer to it later to see which strategies work ‘best' for you and which ones get you the higher returns. We recommend a tally, as that is the quickest and easiest way to keep score, even if it is a little inconvenient.

4) Take Losses In Your Stride

Easier said than done, but… try not to get frustrated when you lose. Losing is a part of gambling and (arguably) part of the fun. In fact, it's the very possibility of losing that gets the adrenaline pumping. Will you win or won't you? In the case of won't you, it's always best to suck it up and move on.

That money probably isn't coming back. It's pointless getting angry about it.However, if you do feel yourself getting increasingly worked up that's a sure sign that you should stop. Gambling should be a pleasurable past time, not a frustrating experience.


The Don'ts Of Mobile Gambling

1) Play A Game You're Unfamiliar With

Blackjack TableThis one's pretty obvious but definitely worth mentioning and it's especially true with mobile gambling. Way too many people get ambitious and try gambling on something they know nothing about. Take poker, for example. Would you think, even for a second, that you could possibly win if you didn't know the rules?

Of course you wouldn't! That's why it's always a good idea to practise the game first. You can play demo versions where no money's involved or you can play with fake chips in your own free time with friends and family.

It's always better to play a game that you're familiar with. Not only will the rules make more sense but you can come up with a better strategy to compensate and potentially win. In the case of games that involve little decision, like video slots, it's much easier to get to play those first than to play Blackjack horrifically.

But even slots have paylines and RTPs that you should be aware of to get the most out of your experience. So, please. Do your research.

2) Bet All Your Money

You knew this one was coming. If you're an inexperienced gambler and you gamble all your available funds at once then you're a fool. We know that in the middle of a winning streak, it's easy to get ambitious and start making larger bets in hopes that you'll hit the jackpot. But, like real life, mobile gambling can be quite addictive and you should be extremely careful with how much money you throw away.

Nine time out of ten, the casino has the edge over you. That's how they make their money. Don't just think that, because you're on a winning streak, you have magically overcome all odds and that you could become a millionaire in the next five minutes. That's how you get caught out.

3) Gamble Intoxicated

drinks cocktailsOne not many people think about but certainly a good idea is to never get drunk and gamble at the same time. In real life casinos, you have bars so this applies much more to that than here. However, mobile gambling can be done anywhere – at home, at your local pub, even at the bus shelter – and this means you could potentially have easier access to alcohol while gambling.

Okay, a drink or two won't kill you. But mobile gambling while completely drunk is a terrible idea. Not only are your motor and decision-making skills inhibited but you're more likely to ignore all the other Do's and Don'ts we have outlined above.

Just think of it like driving. You wouldn't drink if you know you've got to drive somewhere, would you? And while drinking and gambling aren't going to have an immediate impact on your health like drink-driving will, it can be very damaging regardless. Always limit yourself to one or two drinks rather than five. If you ever feel like you're becoming intoxicated while gambling, then you should do your utmost to stop.

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