Free Spins No More? The Future of Online Casino Bonuses

As UKGC restricts misleading casino bonus marketing and players lose trust, online casinos are looking for new strategies.

no more free spins casino

This leads to a number of engaging solutions that are gaining popularity at online casinos. These methods are likely to replace bonuses such as free spins in the future:

  1. Dropped wagering requirements
  2. More jackpot games with higher prizes
  3. More tournaments, competitions and gamification

The future of online gambling should be more transparent and genuine than ever. Instead of outrageous bonus terms, casinos offer bigger jackpots and smaller but better bonus offers.

The Upcoming New Casino Bonuses

ribbon cuttingRemember the times when online casinos offered thousands in cash bonuses and hundreds of free spins? Those times are almost over as casino bonuses are steadily decreasing in volume.

It’s the Gambling Commission and their stricter-than-ever rules for casino bonuses. Since “free spins” have been often used to mislead the players, casino operators have started thinking of new ways to engage their audiences.

In Place of Free Spins

As a result, other forms of casino bonuses might replace the previously popular free spin offers in the future.

This includes bonuses and other practices that don’t rely on the user’s absent-mindedness. After all, everybody knows that reading T&Cs in a small print is a chore.

Many choose to avoid it, even when something important may be written there. Hence, casinos have been successfully attracting new players this way for years. Well, no more.

Wagering-Free Casino Offers

zero wager spins bonusNow that the new UKGC regulations require listing all the important bonus terms clearly, casinos choose to drop them altogether. After all, who would claim a free spins offer with a “50x WR!!!” written next to it?

Thus, more and more operators have decided to switch from the usual free spins bonuses to wagering-free offers. This is great news to the players.

It’s because by using bonuses like these, you can simply keep your winnings. Even if there’s no option to withdraw, this money is as valuable as real cash when placing bets.

In comparison, free spin winnings were often lost by players who didn’t manage to wager them through. And when that happened, all the bonus money went poof!

Higher Jackpot Games

“What else could attract mobile punters to play at our casino?”

We’re sure that many casino operators have asked themselves this question in recent years. Higher jackpots are one of the answers that they have come up with. Big win possibilities and high rewards always attract new players.

This doesn’t even have to include free money. Imagine you were given a choice to play one of two games:

  • A game with £100,000 max win
  • A game with £1,000,000 max win

If you’re like most other people, you’d always choose the one with a higher payout. So, a simple increase in jackpot games or higher slot payouts could achieve similar results as the casino bonuses.

Online Casino Tournaments & Competitions

online casino tournament prizesAside from bonuses that each player can claim separately, multiplayer tournaments and events seem to be gaining popularity. They come in various types and even reward free spins as a result.

However, the point here is that the terms of participation are very simple. You usually just have to play some casino games for a chance to win. You get something in return if you’re lucky enough to either:

  • Win the most or
  • Become a randomly selected winner

Various competitions and similar gamification elements are a blast for the player, especially when big prizes are involved. As a result, it’s a great alternative if free spins aren’t an option anymore.

What’s Wrong with Free Spins?

Inherently, free spins are just fine. However, there’s a problem with the way that online casino operators are presenting them. Their marketing strategy often includes hiding the bonus terms on such bonuses.

As a result, punters who don’t pay enough attention can be disappointed and lose their money. That’s because most free spins have additional terms, for example:

  • Winnings in casino money (not withdrawable)
  • Wagering requirements before withdrawal
  • Time limit to complete the requirements
  • Only available on one game

UKGC Casino Promotion Guidelines

gambling commissionMany have deposited money to get the bonus and then lost it due to hidden terms.

As a result, UKGC keeps updating their guidelines for casino promotions all the time. Recently, they’ve been putting much effort to protect the casino gamblers. And so, the newest rules imply that such rogue terms are a no-go.

This doesn’t mean that all free spins bonuses are now illegal.

Regardless, we’re beginning to see a shift away from this bonus type to other marketing strategies. So, get ready to see less free spins offers and more wager-free bonuses and tournaments in the future.