Why You Should Take All the Free Spins You Can Get (Even If You Can’t Cash Out)

Free Spins LogoFree spins is a phrase which is sure to perk up the ears of any online gambler. After all, who wouldn’t want to play some great slots with free money?

However, free spins are not all that they seem, as you may have noticed if you are a regular casino player. Free spins are almost universally subject to quite stringent terms and conditions meaning that actually winning any money from free spins can be quite challenging.

Avoid The T&C Shock

Most online casino regulars have been there, you get sucked into a bonus or promotion of free spins, eagerness bubbling. Then, you have a proper read of the terms and you quickly figure out that you’re probably not going to pocket any money.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Still, there are many reasons to make the most of free spins, regardless. We will tell you why you should make the most of free spins in this article.

Free Spins Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements can be quite a stumbling block, even for frivolous spenders. Typically, to withdraw any winnings gained from free spins, you will need to wager the value of those free spins multiplied by a certain number. The wagering requirements can be very high indeed, sometimes up to 75%, or even higher.

To give you an idea of our point, consider this:

If you were given 50 free spins with 10p of value per spin with 50x wagering requirements, you would have to deposit and spend £250 on eligible games before you could withdraw any winnings gained from the free spins. Quite an investment just to cash out some free spin winnings.

Wagering requirements can quite easily leave you in the negative once they have been fulfilled, even with the winnings from free spins withdrawn into your account.

Terms Indicating You Cannot Cash Out

Terms And Conditions Paper And Pen

Sometimes, the terms of free spins are such that you cannot actually cash out any wins from the free spins. This is a particularly common feature of no deposit free spins.

With these kinds of terms, any winnings made from free spins can only be used as further bonus money.

This bonus money can be spent on different games within the casino. And, you guessed it, that bonus money is often subject to terms and conditions also.

Free Spins Winning Cap

Another common feature of free spins is that any winnings gained from them is capped. That can be a cap which is significantly lower to what you could potentially have won with a standard spin.

And, if you do win some money through the free spins, it is certainly not unheard of for those winnings to be transferred into further bonus money, rather than actual withdrawable money.

Free Spins – What Are They Good For?

So, where does this all lead us? I know what you’re thinking, what is the point of free spins? Well, if you are diligent in how you use free spins, they can definitely play to your advantage.

How? We hear you ask. Well, check these reasons out.

Slots Are a Lot of Fun

Let’s be honest, many modern-day slots are just great to play. The stunning visuals, beautiful audio and immersive gameplay really draw you into a fantastic online casino experience. Slots are one of the most popular types of casino games to play for a reason.

So, why not just enjoy the spectacle, regardless of whether you pocket some winnings or not? After all, those free spins are free of charge!

Extend your Casino Playing

Man With Empty Wallet

If you have used all the money which you budgeted for your casino expenditure this month but are still keen on some casino action, why not try your luck with free spins?

It definitely makes sense to use the free spins rather than dipping into money you cannot afford to use, that’s for sure.

Try out New Games

Some casinos offer free spins on new and exciting slots as part of welcome packages to new customers.

This means that you can try out the latest blockbuster slots without actually depositing any money yourself. Pretty good, huh?

Try out New Casinos

As we all know, the online gambling world is awash with casinos and new outfits are entering the market all the time.

Taking advantage of free spins can give you a great feel for a casino and how it functions and operates. This is especially useful if you are undecided about whether a particular casino is right for you.

Who knows, you might even stumble upon your new favourite online casino.

You Could still Win Free Spin Money!

Various Slot TitlesThe bottom line is that ultimately, you could still win money from free spins, in spite of the cards being stacked against you.

If your free spin winnings get transferred into bonus credits, those credits could, eventually, turn into money which you can withdraw.

Likewise, you may end up in profit after all wagering requirements have been fulfilled, even if the investment might be quite substantial to begin with.

The Final Word

There is no denying that free spins are typically not as lucrative as you might imagine. The terms and conditions applied to free spins can certainly affect the value of them.

Nevertheless, free spins do have their use and purpose. And, don’t forget that despite the terms and conditions, free spins could ultimately lead to a profit and money in your account! And, who wouldn’t want that?

What do you think about free spins? Do you always take advantage of them or do you look for other promotions? Have you ever won some big money through free spins?

Whatever it is, just share it with us below. We would love to hear from you!

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