Four Depositing Mistakes That You Must Never Repeat

depositing mistakesWe here at GoWin casino try to make depositing as simple as possible. However, even with the support and information, we aim to give to all players, we’re just humans. And humans often make mistakes.

‘Trial and error’ is how we learn new skills and gain new knowledge. Instead of using this method, though, we’re going to show you four depositing mistakes before you make them. Remember them when depositing and save some nerve cells.

Four Depositing Mistakes

In our experience, most players that have problems with depositing could have easily avoided them. It’s usually a very simple issue, though we don’t blame players for not knowing.

To minimise these depositing mistakes in the future, we’re going to cover most of these right here. So, if you’re reading this, please don’t daydream while at it!

1. Not Checking Depositing Info Twice

mobile invoicingThe most common mistake among casino depositors is actually not checking if all the information they put down is correct. We sometimes receive complaints of deposits not working or withdrawals not reaching the destination.

Too often the reason behind all that is false information. This includes bank card numbers that are incorrect or the deposit amount that wasn’t intended.

So, make sure to always check the sensitive data you put in twice. It doesn’t even take a minute and you could save hours this way. As long as the system recognizes that the information you type in is legit, it will let you do anything. It can’t check if you accidentally pressed another number while typing it, though, so it’s up to you to read that again.

2. Ignoring The Terms Of Deposit Bonuses

ignoring termsSadly, bonuses often cause more problems than anything else at online casinos. We can’t put all the terms of each particular bonus or promotion into the banner at casino lobby. It’s too small and would look ridiculous with 10 lines of small print.

To find out more about each bonus, you’ve got to press on it, which will usually take you to the dedicated page. Some people don’t realize this, however, and just ignore the terms, especially if they're gambling rookies.

Don’t be like that because this will inevitably cause a problem or two. There might be a minimum deposit limit required to activate the bonus. Deposit lower than that won’t give you the advertised bonus. The same applies to bonus codes.

Not all promotions have them but if they do, you won’t get the bonus without using the code. We aren’t even speaking about other terms and conditions that you may not like. Unfortunately, we can’t help once you take the bonus, even if you didn’t check out the terms earlier.

3. Selecting The Wrong Currency

currencyMany casinos will ask to set your currency as soon as you create an account or even during the registration. What’s worse is that you often can’t change this setting later on. So, if you accidentally chose the wrong currency, you may find yourself in an inconvenient situation.

Using a currency that’s not your own may not be possible due to, say, your bank card restrictions. If it’s possible though, you’ll lose considerable cash for converting your payments into the currency you’re supposed to be using.

To solve this problem, you may have to contact the support or even create a new account altogether. Not convenient, so avoid this mistake in the first place.

4. Not Checking If A Payment Method Is Available In Your Country

Man Choosing Between Mobile Blackjack and Mobile RouletteThis is mostly relevant when choosing a casino to sign up at. Most online casinos have their payment methods listed at the bottom of the site. Checking these out isn’t enough, but many people don’t research it any further and come to regret it later.

Not only can these lists be incomplete, but they also contain no extra information. Information like the countries and currencies that these payment methods are available in.

Not all the payments are available to everyone. For example, Boku at GoWin casino only accepts British pounds from the residents of the UK. If you are from Germany, the site will still list Boku as an available payment option.

However, it isn’t available in this case. You won’t be able to use it, which might be frustrating if you were looking for a pay by phone bill casino in the first place.

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