Unlucky Florida Player Loses $100,000 to Friend on Slot Machine

jackpot deniedSometimes, it's great to go out gambling with friends, especially when you sit next to each other at a slot machine. But other times, you probably wish you'd just gone to the casino alone. That must certainly be the case for this unlucky player from Florida, USA, when he put money into the machine only for his friend to win the mega $100,000 jackpot.

Yes, we'd be a little annoyed about it too! But how on earth did such a thing happen? Summarizing it to bullet points makes it all sound terrible confusing. How did it get resolved? Well, let's just say it wasn't pretty and that we're willing to bet the hapless Florida man will probably never want to play on a slot ever again, real or digital.

High Rollers High Rolling

fort lauderdaleOur story takes place in the high roller room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the slot machines are two friends – Flato, the “hero” of this tale, and Navarro, his friend of two years. One day, they decided to bet some money and not just small coins but large amounts, like $50 worth of spins! This is all perfectly okay, however, as the jackpot goal is exceedingly high making the payment worth it if you win.

However, getting that $100,000 jackpot is not as easy as you think. In fact, Flato and Navarro had been going at it for some time but it's unknown whether they were getting fed up with their lack of progress or optimistic that their jackpot was just another spin away from falling into their lap. At some point, Flato, ever the gentleman, invited Navarro to push the spin button of his slot machine.

This is a common practice in gambling. Many may ask you to blow on the dice before you roll or pick a random number at the roulette table, believing it gives you the powers of great fortune. Unfortunately for Flato, this little ritual worked a little too well and the luck wasn't at all in his favour but Navarro's. As soon as Navarro pushed the button, the slot machine deposited the enormous jackpot win of $100,000. Safe to say that both were flabbergasted and for entirely different reasons.

Who Won the Prize?

shrugging manUnderstandably, Flato was annoyed that the one time he wasn't the one who pressed the spin button on his slot machine turned out to be the one time he could have won all that money. In fact, that's exactly what he argues he's done. He believes, because it was his $50 that he put into the machine, that technically he won the money and that it should all be his.

Navarro, on the other hand, disagrees and not just because she was the one who pushed the button. She claims that there was already $400 of her own money in the machine already. This sounds like a tactic to gain the money all for herself, however it's hard not to dismiss the fact that Flato could have left out that inconvenient fact so that the money could be all his. Then again, if they didn't end up squabbling over it, perhaps he might have paid her back. Who knows?

Ultimately, however, the casino decided to give the win to Navarro. Replaying the CCTV footage shows that her finger was in fact on the button when the win happened. Turns out that the two still parted on bad terms, however, as according to the Miami Press Herald, Navarro asked the casino's security team to keep Flato away from her as she left with her money.

That wasn't the end of it, however. Flato, who resides in Las Vegas, turned to lawyers to try and take his case further. The courts of Nevada, on the other hand, dismissed his case, seeing how he has little grounds in which to base his lawsuit. This probably spelled the end of Navarro and Flato's friendship for good and any hope of reconciliation. She got her money and he lost out. And all over a slot machine. It's a shame, really.

Why Players Should Play Online Slots

So, moral of the story is… Actually, there is no moral here, other than “money can ruin friendships, especially large amounts of it”. It's all just a bout of bad luck that's happened to Flato and if his story is anything to go by, even gambling with friends can become problematic. While we don't oppose the ideal of more social gambling, it certainly does have its risks. That's why online gambling and especially playing an online slot carries less chances of something like this ever occurring. At least the win you make is 100% your own.


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