Five Signs You Should Be Using Mobile Deposits

gowin-mobile-deposit-image-v3If you find depositing to be a pain, it's likely your using the wrong depositing method. Banking at a casino shouldn't fill you with dread or be an inconvenience, however many players find it to be the worst bit about their casino experience. Deposits should be able to be made quickly and easily, leaving you to get back to playing your favourite games. It's always worth researching every deposit method available before deciding on one, but we've found that many players could be saving themselves time and reducing stress by using their phone to make payments. If you identify with one of the five signs below, it's probably about time you thought about switching to mobile deposits


1. You're Sick of Using Your Card

credit cardMost depositing methods rely on you using your card details to fund your account. This can get irritating as it means either remembering a load of long numbers, or having to have your card to hand at all times. It's not very convenient for players and it also means that if you're card goes missing, you're stuck with not being able to make a deposit until you get a new one (and we all know how long that can take). Wouldn't it be great if there was a depositing service that didn't need you to provide all your card details?

Oh wait! Boku and other mobile deposits can be made without any card at all, you simply need your phone. As mobile deposits are charged to your mobile credit or monthly bill, you don't need to input any banking details. If you're sick of having to remember details or dig our your debit card every time you play, then mobile deposits are certainly the method for you.


2. You're Concerned About Internet Fraud

Safety PadlockApart from being a bit of a faff, inputting your card details can also make some players worried about internet fraud. If you think about it, we input our card details almost daily to internet sites, whether it's for online shopping, buying Netflix memberships or depositing at casinos. Whilst this shouldn't leave you vulnerable to fraud, it does mean that internet fraud is big business and increasingly common. Always look out for the padlock symbol next to the site's URL. Whenever you're depositing this should be present, as it means your connection is private.

However, we do understand that no matter how secure the connection is, some players still find internet fraud to be worrisome. If you dislike inputting your card details for this reason, then the good news is that if you switch to mobile deposits your details are always secure. As mobile payments simply need your mobile number, if the information is intercepted, fraudsters wouldn't be in possession of your banking details. In addition, as Boku payments require a verification SMS message, only you can confirm the payment.


3. You Love Playing On The Go

Man playing slots on phoneSoftware developers are making more and more of their slots available for mobile devices, meaning that playing on the go is more popular than ever before. Maybe you love playing as you commute to work, or having a little spin in the pub. Either way, it can be annoying and unsafe to get out your card in public. As you already know mobile deposits mean that you don't need a card to make a payment.

Plus, if you're already playing on your mobile, the whole process is incredibly quick and easy. You can make a payment using Boku simply by replying to a confirmation text, meaning you don't even have to close down your casino app. Though the idea of mobile players using mobile deposits might seem obvious, it's surprising how many people still haven't made the switch.


4. You Don't Have a Bank Account

broken piggy bankAlthough it may sound bizarre to some of us, in 2015 nearly 2 million UK adults didn't have a bank account. If you're one of them, you're probably finding it very hard to fund your casino account. With the exception of pre-paid payment cards, all other major depositing methods require the user to have a bank account. Be it e-wallets, PayPal or direct transfers, the bottom line is that they do not cater for the ‘unbanked.'

If you're in this position, however, don't worry as mobile deposits are the perfect method for you. Boku payments are either charged to your monthly phone bill or taken off your existing mobile credit. This means that you can top-up your phone with cash in a shop, and use the credit to fund your casino account – eliminating the need for a bank account. It's one of the only methods out there that accommodates for those who can't , or don't want to, set up a bank account.


5. ‘Oh God, Not Another Username and Password!'

Login Details On ScreenHow many things are you signed up to on the internet? Just think about it for a second as I honestly couldn't answer this question. It seems that nowadays every website or service is asking you to create an account. You can't even order a takeaway without needing to remember your username and password. Most depositing methods are no different, and services like PayPal and Neteller will ask you to log-in to your account every time you want to make a payment.

If you've already got a list of login details the length of the channel tunnel, signing up to something new might just push you over the edge. Luckily, then, mobile deposits sound like the ideal thing for you. Mobile deposits simply use your telephone number to send you a confirmation message. You don't need to login, you don't need to download an app to manage your account, and you certainly don't need to remember another flippin' password!