Female Friendly Slot Games Available At GoWin Casino

Like all too many things in life, online gambling is often perceived to be mostly male dominated pastime, but this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. More and more women are relaxing and unwinding using mobile casinos than ever before, and they’re increasingly an audience that developers and operators are targeting with new gaming products. Here at GoWin casino, we recognise the importance of making ourselves attractive to female clientele, which is why we host a number of games which might appeal more strongly to women. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best games on our site in this category.


Koi Princess Mobile Slot

koi princess slot logoWhat’s not to love in the marrying of princesses and orientalism? Koi Princess is an anime inspired slot – based I ancient Japan – it a visual spectacle, with an aesthetic sure to please the more feminine mindset. Aside from being a visual treat, there’s plenty of features within the game that make it appealing to players of any gender.

Take for instance the fact you can add a bonus bet to each spin, which can double your chances of winning, or the fact that the game features four random bonus features, each of which will increase your chances of winning, or simply increase your wins. These bonus features are extra wilds, wild reels, coin bonuses and extra bonus symbols.


Pixies Of The Forest Mobile Slot

PLay Pixies in the Forest now!From Shakespeare to Rowling, sprites and spirits in the woods has been a trope of literature and film for as long as anyone can remember. With the development of Pixies of the Forest, that trope made its way onto our tablets, smartphones and laptops in the form of a slot game, and one which female gamers will find particularly attractive.

Aside from the magic and mystery elements of this game, there’s some solid features that make it a super fun play. Between the free spins, wilds and tumbling reels, there’s a bunch of ways to make a load of cash from this decidedly feminine mobile slot game.


Meow Money Mobile Slot

Meow MoneyCats. Who doesn’t love cats? And you know who cats are weirdly and arbitrarily associated with most of all? That’s right – women! That’s why Meow Money – a cat themed game with a high winning potential – has a pinky/purple colour scheme, and cartoony graphic which have a very feminine appearance.

Being a Nektan game, on top of the wilds and free spins available in the main game, once you make a win, you have the chance to gamble your winnings on the picking of a card and deciding its suit or value – if you’re correct, your winnings can increase rapidly.


Any Online Or Mobile Slot

Let’s be honest, if you’re a woman reading this, you’ve probably already been stuck the mild sense of inherent sexism including in the suggestion that some slots are for you while others are not. Let’s lay one thing out straight: while there are plenty of games here on GoWin which are targeted specifically at a female audience, that’s not to say that there are any games which women should feel excluded from playing.

All of our games are designed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, and gender should be no reason to avoid any of our title. While we think the games mentioned above will be of particular interest to female players, that shouldn’t stop you playing on any game you find interesting in our catalogue.

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