How To: Explain gambling as a hobby to your mates

Friends Gambling as a hobby

It can sometimes be hard to bring up your love for gambling to your mates. Be it fondness of slots or enthusiasm for online poker, online gambling isn’t a topic that’s welcome everywhere.

There's a stigma to gambling which keeps it a little hushed up in normal conversations. Chances are, you've often wanted to tell your friends about a new slot game or a big win.

Yet you felt like playing online is a little taboo and so kept your mouth shut. We all know from experience that many think it’s impossible to:

  • Play responsibly
  • Not to develop gambling addiction
  • Enjoy gambling as a recreational activity

It shouldn't be like this.

Gambling as a Hobby

For a start, you're having fun. So, why not share that with your friends? Would you be so reluctant to share news that you'd won the lottery with them? We think not.

Online casino sites are all about enjoyment. So, if you can't share that with your friends, you're missing half the experience.

Read on to find out more about the best ways to talk about this kind of entertainment:

  1. Bring it up casually
  2. “Refer a friend” bonuses
  3. Tackle the gambling addiction myth

Bring It Up Casually

Gambling Lottery Meme

Just bring up your gambling habits in a relaxed conversation. It’s simply most normal way to introduce your friends to the idea. This applies whether you’re a casual gamer or a high-roller.

Talking about it shouldn't be an issue anyway. It's your favourite past-time activity after all. That is, unless you think you may have a gambling problem. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about it either.

Many people gamble without even realising it. Whether that's putting the lottery on each week or having a punt at a football accumulator.

A bet is a bet, in our eyes. So, if your mates are already used to the idea of risking funds, it shouldn't be a stretch. If you do this in good nature, they’ll easily understand why you love gambling.

Possible Reactions

Unfortunately, you may still have to hear the usual outcries. These range from the infuriating to the patronizing.

Yet they can easily be brushed off if you’re confident about one thing. If you know your friends will see the fun side of remote gambling, there’s nothing to fear.

A regular question is ‘do you ever win anything?’ You can respond to it by:

  1. Reeling off how much you've cashed in over the years
  2. Telling them that you don't lose too often either

We all know that gambling is a win or lose situation. Yet so long as you’re keeping your wagering balance pretty stable, it's a good habit to keep.

Letting your mates know that you understand the risks is powerful. It can throw off naysayers and it’s a good way of showing them that it's all just for fun too.

Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

Refer a Friend Bonus

It's a hard work to convince your mates to accept your view. Yet there's an effective way to help them understand. Just offer them a refer a friend bonus.

This way, they can try out slots, roulette or blackjack for themselves. This works well as it means they could try it out even if they can’t afford to lose a penny.

Just cash in when they sign up and they'll be eligible for a great welcome package too.

Even if they don't become huge players, a bonus should hit home. So, simply showing them a site and how it works is a great way to introduce them to your pastime.

What to Show?

Show them the best table games and slots in your favourite operator’s roster. Then, show them cool bonus features. Apart from the monetary side of things, mobile slots aren't actually that different to PC or console gaming software.

With their free welcome bonus cash, your mates can easily explore the site.  Hence, they'll hopefully understand the enjoyment you get out of it.

As you introduce new people to your hobby, the subject will also become less taboo. Your friends will simply start to accept it as a part of your life, whatever the reasons. It could be a form of stress relief or a way to add some fun to your weekday commute.

‘Are You Addicted?'

Gambling Addiction Comic

For some of your less liberal friends, this might be the first question that springs to their minds.

They might not say it in these exact words. They may simply ask how much money you spend as stakes. Yet the look on their face will be the tell-tale sign.

Whilst your first reaction may be to become defensive, this won't help them be any less concerned. Of course, playing for money regularly does not make you a problem gambler. However, that may be news for those who don't play themselves.

What Should You Say?

Don’t become argumentative. Instead, explain the reasons why you love gambling as a hobby. Tell them what you get out of it.

This helps your friends see that you play purely for the enjoyment of the game. If they believe you, they won’t worry about it becoming more serious.

But what if you truly have a gambling problem?

In that case, reaching out to friends is the best support you could get. Talking through this with friends as a casual gamer can help everyone.

First, they’ll get on board with the idea of you playing. It can help them be aware of the signals in case you do ever suffer with problem gaming. At the same time, you can find invaluable support and stop, even if they haven’t experienced the same problems.

Understanding Problem Gambling

Before all that, however, you need to understand the signs of an addition. You'll find it much easier to talk about it if you know how it works and why it's there.

The behaviour of those who don't gamble responsibly is often similar. The dangerous practices to look out for include:

  • Betting more than you can afford (beyond your loss limit)
  • Compulsive gambling when you lose (getting the urge to gamble on and chase losses)
  • Playing for cash as a means of escape
  • Prioritising it over other important or social activities

These are just some of the most popular and frenquently mentioned signs. Even if you can control yourself but still tend towards doing this sometimes, it could lead to risky behaviour.

Luckily, even those addicted to gambling can recover if they're open about it with others. It's like Gamblers Anonymous, except that it's those who know you personally that are helping.

So, your friends and family may help you to get better without having to follow organisations like that. Not that we're discouraging you from getting in touch with them. After all, it can be much harder to open up to people close to you.

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