Drones, Drones Everywhere: From Pizza Delivery to Saving Whales

Domino’s DomiCopter

Only a few years ago, drones had no space in our big blue planet, they were practically an unknown entity, only techies knew about them and their code name: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

However, this has changed and drones are now very much on the lips (or list) of every company in the world. Whether it’s Domino’s DomiCopter (which was likely to be a PR stunt) to SnotBot a drone saving whales in the Indian and Atlantic Ocean and now with the backing of ‘Star Treks’ Patrick Stewart – they’re onto a winner.

They aren’t the only two, I thought I’d put together a list of ways that drones are changing the world, as we know it:

Changing journalism, as we know it

The idea of using drones to cover a story, really does take the story to another level. The concept is now being taught in universities and schools across the world and the viability of using drones while in high-risk areas to get a story and keep the actual journalist safe – is a real possibility.

Delivering fast food, groceries and more

Everyone wants things, yesterday – not literally! Drones could change the way we shop and whether you want a Big Mac or a Big King, you will get it delivered to your door, no problem. Amazon has seen potential here, demonstrating how they could use drones to deliver their items.

Saving lives

A graduate from Austria came up with an idea to drop off a defibrillator to heart attack victims. A medic would place the medication onto the drone and command it to fly to the victim, where another medic would administer it. It’s only in the only stages, but I think it could put the emergency services to shame.

Inspecting oil rigs

Oil is the most crucial resource known to man. But, getting hold of it in the first place is very dangerous – drones to the rescue. They’re already been used to make oil rigs fully functioning and working, as they ought to.

From saving lives to pizza delivery. Within a few years, drones will be everywhere!