How to be a Smart Gambler – Smart Gambling Tips & Tricks

how to be a smart gambler

Despite the opinions of some people, gambling is a matter of skill. That may be not entirely true when it comes to slots, but it’s absolutely true concerning gambling habits.

It’s not so easy to be a smart gambler and it takes a long time to become a pro. This is because the line between a smart gambler and a problem gambler is sometimes very thin.

So, to make your life easier, we decided to look into the differences between these two types. Let’s make sure that you’re on the right track.

How to Be a Smart Gambler?

  1. Trust your skills
  2. Learn how to stop on time
  3. Play for fun, not money
  4. Talk about your hobby
  5. Limit your bankroll

These five tips and tricks will guarantee your success and safety as a casino regular. Let's explore them in more detail.

1. Smart Gambler Confidence

Since we’ve already mentioned skill, it’s only fitting to start with it. Successful players believe in luck and trust their own skills. It doesn’t matter if it’s poker or slots we’re talking about.

? Every smart casino player knows how important it is to know the rules of the game and its inner workings. Without the knowledge, it's more difficult to win. That’s true even on mostly luck-based software.

? Problem gamblers believe in luck, too. They may also know how to play certain casino games and even how to apply complex blackjack strategies.

However, not all of them are really in the know. Some people keep gambling simply because they believe in the lucky alignment of stars.

When that happens, you know there are problems waiting for them just around the corner.

2. A Smart Gambler Can Stop

smart gambler responsible gambling stop sign in body language

Real money gaming is incredibly entertaining. If we let ourselves relax too much, it will draw us in and make us forget everything else.

? So, it’s easy to get absorbed by gambling and, in the worst case scenario, lose all the money. Problem gamblers often end up like that. It mostly happens when they try to win back the recent losses, only to lose all that remains.

? On the other hand, clever gamblers know when to stop. The best option is to quit when you’re ahead. Not so lucky? A decent option is to call it quits when you’re in the red, but not broke yet.

This has nothing to do with a slot machine being “cold”, mind you. It’s much more simple than that. Falling behind irritates us or makes us emotional. It means that we’re more likely to make an irrational bet.

So, it’s better to go chill a bit when on a losing streak. Then, come back with a clear head.

3. What's Gambling for You?

smart gambler playing slots and having fun

Everyone may have a different answer to this question. However, on the most basic level, it’s one of two things. Gambling can either be:

  1. Entertainment or
  2. A way to earn money

? Smart players – you guessed it – gamble for the thrill of it. It’s entertainment just like any other.

When we want to watch TV, we have to pay for the service and the electricity. When we want to gamble, we have to deposit a certain amount of money, too. The only difference here is that we can win this money back and enjoy the process all along.

? Some people, however, see gambling as a way to earn money. It may even be a substitute for a job to them. Unfortunately, such a view can only bring trouble in the long term.

If you know anyone who thinks like that – they’re likely at a risk. Winning a jackpot and becoming rich doesn’t require you to treat gambling as a job, so don’t do it.

4. Smart Gamblers Talk About Gambling

? It’s only normal to talk about personal habits, whatever they are. It’s normal to talk about gambling, too, and sensible gamblers do that.

When someone asks ‘what’s up?’, they'll say that they’ve won £50 playing roulette today. When someone asks ‘what’s wrong?’, they say that they’ve gambled away the same money and how it sucks.

? If someone stops talking about gambling, it might be a sign that something’s wrong. Maybe they feel that they’re gambling or losing a little too much and it’s embarrassing. The paradox here is that talking can help solve these issues and avoid them in the future altogether.

5. Playing Without Limits

boku deposit limit

? Here’s a straight way to gambling addiction. Just don’t keep track of your betting expenses, ever.

Every seasoned punter knows that the control of gambling budget is an important skill. A problem gambler doesn’t have it and instead:

  1. Doesn’t impose any reasonable deposit or wagering limits or
  2. Doesn’t obey them

? The best way to ensure the safety of your funds is precisely the opposite, though. Setting a certain limit on how much you can deposit or bet per day/week/month is a great mechanism of control. That's what smart gambling really is.

Can’t bring yourself to follow these limits on your own?

Then drop us a line at or live chat, and we will set a bet or deposit limit on our platform straight away.

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