Why Aren’t All Deposit Limits Equal For Different Payment Methods?

deposit limits different payment methodsMany payment methods are very similar. All e-wallets are based on the same intermediary principle. All the companies offering payments by phone bill do it in practically the same. Mobile banking services all let you connect your bank card to a mobile. However, in their own small ways, even the most comparable deposit methods differ. One of such differences is often the deposit limit, so why are deposit limits not the same for all?

One mobile banking option may have a minimum deposit limit of £10 and another similar mobile banking option may have a limit of £20. The same applies to maximum deposit limits. While some casinos don’t set such limits, each method is still restricted in some way or another. The maximum deposit amount still exists, whether the information is provided to the user or not. Here are the reasons why it is the way it is.


Limited In Their Own Ways

The first reason why different payment methods have different deposit limits is related to the very nature of these methods themselves. Mobile casinos allow their players to transfer their money in lots of different ways. Your deposit can be paid by your bank, your mobile network carrier or with your own real cash. Naturally, banks have more funds than your regular mobile network company, so they can allow for larger transactions.


The Case Of Pay By Phone Bill

Boku LogoA good example is pay by phone bill deposit option. Companies that offer phone bill payment services like Boku or Pay By Phone set very strict limits. This means that there’s nothing you can do to increase them. Boku simply comes with a limit of £10 per transaction and £30 per day. You’ll either have to accept it or move on to another payment method.

If they allowed larger deposits, they would put mobile operators at too great of a risk. That’s because it’s precisely the mobile network providers, who pay the casino on behalf of the player. If thousands of people started depositing hundreds of pounds using their phone bill, the companies would soon run out of money. The low daily limit, then, makes sure the players pay back their debts at the end of the month before their mobile providers go bankrupt.


Pre-Paid Vouchers

paysafecard_logoPre-paid voucher systems like Paysafecard and its predecessor Ukash are comparably limited too. Paysafecard vouchers are only available in specific values from £10 to £100. Besides, you can only use up to 10 vouchers at once. This means that the maximum amount to deposit at your mobile casino by Paysafecard is £1,000.

Like in the case of pay by phone bill depositing, this limit is an integral part of Paysafecard. Casinos, however, will often allow using only one voucher per transaction, so the limit goes down even further then. In any case, the vouchers come in only a few different values, much like the real banknotes. This is the main reason why voucher-based payment methods have unique deposit limits at all mobile casinos.


Regional Deposit Limits

UK Outline With Flag ColoursThe region you’re living in may also affect the deposit limits. Depending on the casino, you may not be allowed to make as large payments as other players are. This is often true if you’re residing outside of the UK, but play at a UK casino, for example.

If that's the case, these differences in deposit limits may be caused by the casino policy. There are many reasons why casinos may limit players from certain countries and they definitely don’t do it just to make things more complicated. There are many things that may come into play here: it might be the country’s laws regarding gambling, certain points regarding other countries in the casino regulator’s policy and more.

Moreover, companies that provide the payment services have their own licences and regulations too. A company needs a different licence for each country it works in. As a result, each country may offer different terms, including certain restrictions and limits. So, even if the casino treats all the players equally, the payment method provider may not.


Bank Limits

bank deposit limitTalking of mobile banking methods, it may be the bank’s fault that you can’t deposit as much as you want. Different banks have different stances on the gambling industry and may limit certain activities related to it. But even if it doesn’t, your bank card and plan have transaction limits that all your activity must abide.

Depending on the limits that your card and banking plan has, you may have certain limits as to how much money you can withdraw from the bank per day, week, month and/or year. So, unless you have a premium plan that allows for very large transactions, you should take that into consideration.

This doesn’t mean that it only applies to bank transfers and using your debit/credit card directly to make a deposit. Lots of depositing options involve payments by bank card, and these limits are often indirectly applicable to these methods too. So, if you can’t make a deposit and nobody knows why, check with your bank first.


Mobile Casino Restrictions

cash not acceptedFinally, it may be the mobile casino itself that sets different limits for different payment options. The reasons for this can be numerous. As we’ve already said, the policy that makes the gambling services open to the public might be at play here. On the other hand, a deal between the casino and the payment provider may limit its usage. A certain online payments service may not want to offer limitless service, because it has its own targets to look forward to.

Finally, it all depends on the deals the casino has made with other companies. One mobile casino may prefer a single payment type over the others. As a result, other payment options are limited so that the players would choose the one that’s promoted by the casino. If a gambling site has a very specific theme and some payment method suits that theme very well, other options may be limited because of that too.

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