The Top 5 Myths of Deposit By Phone Bill Payments

pay by phone casino picThose of you who've ever used a phone bill service may be scratching your head at why many players are still reluctant to use mobile payments – after all, they're simple, quick and very convenient. However, it seems that a lack of enthusiasm for the method is still rife within the online casino community.

To be truly honest with you, we think that's crazy! For all the reasons we've just mentioned, we think they're some of the best depositing methods around. Yet as much as we try our hardest to our players informed, it looks like there's many myths about mobile deposits doing the rounds. Luckily for you, we're here to dispel any misconceptions and show just how useful and easy phone billing payments can be.


Myth #1 : Deposit by Phone Bill Payments Aren't Safe

Safety PadlockThe safety and security of phone bill payments is perhaps one of the biggest concerns for players. People seem to assume that depositing by phone bill isn't as safe or reliable as other traditional methods. We're not sure how this myth came about, but we're here to tell you that they're just as secure as any other form of casino banking – if not safer!

First of all,  depositing via phone bill only requires players to supply the casino with their phone number. That's it! No credit card details, no passwords, not even an email address. This means that mobile payments are arguably safer than other methods, as there's absolutely no reason to worry about internet fraud. On top of this, all payments need to be verified by text message before they're processed. This means that only you can confirm a purchase, as anyone else would need to be in possession of your phone, and we all know you guard that with your life.


Myth #2: Deposit By Phone Bill Payments Are Confusing

shrugging manLook, we'd understand your concern here if you're a 103 year old who's never used a mobile phone before but if you're a mobile casino player, chances are you know a thing or two about technology. And even if not, I promise you I could teach the process to my Great Grandad in less than five minutes.

Whilst we do realise that if you're used to one way of depositing then it's hard to be bothered making the change to another, but making a deposit via your phone bill is probably one of the most straight-forward processes ever.

To deposit by phone bill, you need to log into your casino account (as you would for any other payment method), enter your phone number and then await a text. After this you simply need to confirm the payment by responding to the text message and that's honestly all you have to do. There's nothing more to it, case closed, phone bill deposits are NOT confusing.


Myth #3: Deposit By Phone Bill Payments Cost Money

Well if they really are as simple and as safe as we say they are, they must be expensive, right? Wrong – phone bill deposits are completely free!

boku pay by mobileHere at GoWin we've adopted a pay by phone bill service called Boku, and we promise you'll never be charged for using it. Just as you don't incur any extra fees when you make a payment via an e-wallet or a debit card, you won't be billed for using mobile deposits either.

Even the confirmation text message you need to send is free, meaning the only thing that will show up on your phone bill is the exact amount of money you've deposited.


Myth #4: Deposit By Phone Bill Payments Are Slow

Players often worry about how long it will take for their money to be credited to their casino account and rightly so!  Nobody wants to wait around for ages when they could be playing, yet we're not sure why anyone would think that mobile deposits must take longer for some reason.

Man Looking at WatchAs we stated above, mobile deposits are incredibly simple and so, the process involved in making the payment is likely to be much quicker than any other method. Moreover, as the deposit is charged to your monthly bill, you're not actually even making a transaction. As you don't pay for anything until the monthly bill arrives, there's no reason for you to ever be delayed by some of the things that can impact more traditional payment services, i.e. banks transferring money.

The same reasoning can be applied to those who are using phone credit to make mobile payments too. If you're using a pay as you go phone then the casino is going to draw on your existing phone credit. This money has already been taken out of your bank account when you topped up your phone, so it's ready to be used immediately.


Myth #5: Deposit By Phone Bill Payments Require A Bank Account

This is another nonsensical myth when you think about it, as the clue's in the name!  Phone bill payments, unsurprisingly, charge your deposit to your monthly mobile bill or use your existing phone credit.

credit cardThroughout all our myth-busting today, we've stressed how easy mobile payments are, and a lot of the time this is because you don't need to enter any bank details. The reason you don't need to enter them, is because you don't need them! The same goes for credit or debit card details too.

One of the biggest advantages of phone bill deposits is that they cater for those players who don't have a bank account (or have even just misplaced their credit/debit card!). You can use the service even if your phone works on a pay as you go tariff, meaning you can top up your phone using cash, then fund your account using that same credit. This makes mobile payments the perfect way to deposit for any player who's eschewed the banks – and it should put an end to this myth once and for all!