GoWin Guide to Cluster Pays Slots – What They Are and Where to Find Them

Shangri-La Cluster Pays Big WinCluster pays – it’s a phrase you may have heard before, but unless you’ve played cluster pays games, you may not really know what it means. It’s a technology which has been innovated by NetEnt gaming, and which has revolutionised the way some slots work, busting out of the old boring model and creating something entirely new. In this guild post we’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know about cluster pays slots, and where you can find them here at GoWin Casino.

How Does Cluster Pays Work?

If you’ve ever played a game like Candy Crush, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the matching technology in games with cluster pays functions works. While in traditional slots you have paylines, which require you to match symbols in a chain from left to right over the reels, cluster pays requires that you match a minimum of 9 symbols in adjacent positions in any direction over the reels.

This means you can have anything from a basic square, all the way up to a scrawling mess that fills most of your screen. Obviously the two factors effecting the payout you receive is the number of matching symbols in the cluster, and the type of symbol you’ve matched.

What are the Benefits of Cluster Pays?

While this might not be the most satisfying answer you were hoping for, the answer to this question is really that cluster pays simply mixes things up, and offers you an alternative to the ordinary within games. NetEnt is particularly good at creating feature which may not necessarily pay out more, or radically upend the way you play, but never the less break with the monotony of regular slots.

And so it is with cluster pays – while players aren’t going to get more payouts, the novelty of having a game pay out with clusters of symbols rather than paylines certainly makes for a more impressive and engaging slot!

Cluster Pay Slots to Play at GoWin Casino

What, you thought we’d regale you with all this information about how cluster pay slots are so great, only to disappoint you by not offering them at our casino? Well, you clearly don’t know us so well! There’s a few cluster pays slots to be enjoyed at GoWin Casino, spanning different genres, but below are a few of our favourites.

Twin Spin Deluxe

Twin Spin Deluxe logoThe most recent cluster pays slots to be added to our roster is an updated version of the Twin Spin slot that NetEnt released a few years ago. Twin Spin Deluxe shares much of its theme, sound and aesthetic with the original game, but differs in a couple of key areas. The very first change you’ll notice is that there are now 6 reels on the screen, instead of the original 5; you’ll probably then notice that instead of paylines like the original game had, you’re winning with cluster pays! These changes might seem trivial, but the make for a compellingly different game.


Emoji Planet NetEntMany players were a little apprehensive when they heard that NetEnt would be creating an Emoji themed slot – after all, three such themed slots were launched last year alone. However, when we all saw the final product, doubts were put to one side. While the theme is a bit of a joke, the way Emojis are employed to create all kinds of thrilling features certainly isn’t. And yes, you may not have realised it if you hadn’t already played this slot, but Emojiplanet is in fact a cluster pays slot!

Legend of Shangri La

the legend of shangri-la cluster pays slotDrawing on Hindu philosophy, and an aesthetic which actually seems to borrow more from Kung Fu Panda than anything else, Legend of Shangri La is one of the best slots in our roster for kicking back and chilling out. From the mellow visuals to the laid back, almost meditative music, this game screams relaxation. Don’t worry though, there’s still plenty of action to be enjoyed in the game too, with the slot featuring the standard 6 reels of a cluster pays game, and paying out with satisfying regularity.

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