Choosing A Mobile Slot – What To Look For And How To Pick THE One?

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Can’t find a mobile slot that will stick? Every new game you try gets boring after just a few spins? Trust us, you’re not the only one who feels like it’s getting pretty hard to enjoy a single game for a long time. After all, the attention span of the modern human being is mere seconds! So it's little surprise that choosing a mobile slot is getting more difficult as the offer keeps growing. Not many people have one game that they could easily favour over the rest.

Does it mean that game developers prioritise quantity over quality? Far from it. The games are getting better by day (just think of 3D graphics or virtual reality games), but since there are so many new titles every month, it’s not easy to get a handle on all of them. That’s why we decided to write this guide. If you don’t know which mobile slot to try out next, this should help you in your search for that perfect experience.

Don’t Shoot In The Dark: Do Your Research

old woman memeSo, you‘re browsing the list of mobile slots. There are hundreds of them, all with colourful pictures and promising titles. But let’s be frank. You won’t really know if it’s your next favourite game from just the one image and a title. The casinos give you next to no information about the actual game. So, how to choose one when there are so many?

First things first, if you don’t want to be shooting in the dark, do some research first. Read the review of the game you‘re interested in. You will find all the information you need. True, you won’t get the experience of the gameplay, but at least you will avoid betting your hard-earned cash on a game that turns out to be nothing like what you were expecting.

Now, if you read a review first, you will know the features of this game, it’s variance and RTP (something that should also matter to you) and what to expect if you decide to try it out. Looks promising? NOW is the time to play it. The odds of you enjoying it will be much greater.


Look For Your Favourite Gameplay Features

Jungle Jackpots Colossal SpinsWhen reading game reviews, pay special attention to the gameplay features. If you’ve played quite a lot of mobile slots already, you will want some unusual features, such as wild overlays or the possibility to shuffle the grid. Or maybe it’s the opposite and you want a simple slot with no fancy features, yet pretty and entertaining?

In both cases, you want to make sure that the game has exactly the features you like. Do you want lots of bonuses, mini-games, wilds and scatters, or are just a few specific ones enough? Whatever your preference, we think there is a perfect game for you. You just have to find it, and a look at game features will bring you closer to it.

Whatever The Theme, There Is A Game About It

Family Guy World Bonus GraphicsAnother thing you should consider when choosing a mobile slot is theme. Did you like reading fairy tales as a kid? There’s Hansel and Gretel just for you. Are you a fan of Family Guy? There’s a mobile slot dedicated to the show. Would you like to visit Africa some day? Get the taste of it in Big5Safari. Do you like watching cat videos? There is more than one mobile slot with cats.

There are thousands of slots available online and almost as many themes. Although some themes get more attention than the others, especially if they’re related to leprechauns and gold. Luckily, there are many game developers and they’re competitive. Competition drives them to avoid such clichés and base their games on new and unexpected themes, otherwise nobody would play them. This means that every day more and more players can find very specific and unique mobile slots to enjoy.


Popularity Matters

Winstar Slot LogoYes, we know, a great deal of the most popular slots didn’t really stick to you, that’s why you’re looking for something else. However, popularity doesn’t just show the trends in online gambling. It also tells something about the quality and, sometimes, even the lack of it. So, when choosing a mobile slot, you shouldn’t ignore how popular it is.

If a game is very popular, it simply cannot be bad. Alternatively, if the game is made by a leading developer, but nobody knows about it, it’s likely not very good because other games of the company overshadow it. Of course, if you find a game you really love, the fact that nobody else knows about it won’t matter at all. However, it might be easier to decide if a game’s worth a try when you know how popular it is.

Popularity is so much more important when it comes to progressive mobile slots. The more people play them, the greater its jackpot gets, which means that you can win a lot more by playing more popular jackpot games, such as Winstar. On the other hand, there are much less progressive slot games than the regular ones, so it might be hard to find one you’ll really love in this category.

Take Your Time When Choosing A Mobile Slot

To sum it up, choosing a mobile slot that you want to stick to usually takes some time. But that’s only reasonable considering the number of games available. When there are thousands of choices, it’s natural that we hesitate and want to try something new from time to time, hoping that we will find an even better game.

Nonetheless, by following these tips you’ll still be better off than you used to be when you just tried new games at random. You will save your time, your nerves and, most importantly, your money to use in the games that you really love instead.

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