What Kind Of Casino Players Shouldn’t Use Mobile Phone Bill Depositing

pay by phone depositPay by phone depositing is one of the best compliments to a mobile casino. It allows you to play and make your payments on the go, with no messing around with long card details or logging into online payment accounts. Mobile phone bill depositing may be perfect for a lot of players, but it's not a one size fits all solution to all your casino payment problems.

We've already taken a look at which players would benefit from a pay by phone depositing method, but it's also important to look at which players won't benefit from mobile phone bill payments. So, to avoid you using the wrong depositing method, let's take a look at what mobile depositing can't provide for you.


High Rollers Who Like To Spend Big

casino high rollerMobile depositing is one of the only payment methods tat has inbuilt depositing limits. While every casino is now required by law to offer players depositing limits and you can set your e-wallet or bank account to restrict your spending, mobile depositing limits you to £30 spending with every transaction.

Certain mobile depositing methods like Boku Mobile go one step further and limit you to a maximum deposit limit of £30 per day, so even if you visit multiple casinos, you are always restricted to that £30 limit.

High rollers have very different requirements to this, as the name would suggest. Instead of sticking to the penny slots or having a cheeky big money spin here and there, high rollers have the cash to place big bets whenever they want to game at the casinos.

Of course, you still can be a high roller using mobile depositing, but it would involve making a lot of transactions, something that is going to get tired after a while. If you need to stick to a bankroll then pay by phone deposit limits are a perfect way to manage your funds. However, if you have no need for a bankroll, then one imposed by your depositing method is going to frustrate you after a while.


You Like To Withdraw The Same Way You Deposit

one way streetPay by phone depositing works by charging any transactions you make to your mobile phone bill. If you're a pay as you go customer then the payment is taken straight out of your available credit and if you're a contract payer, then you simply pay the charge with your end of the month bill.

This is all very convenient, but it does mean that there's no withdrawal option when you're a mobile depositor.Since any payments are made back into your phone, it would simply add to your credit. This would be be very inconvenient, since very few of us want to have a big win, only for it to go to our phone credit and not into our pocket.

Mobile phone depositors will have to find an alternative withdrawal method, possibly into their bank account or card, or e-wallet if they wish to make a withdrawal. If you're the kind of player who wants the convenience of having all your casino banking handled by one payment method, then you're going to find mobile depositing more of a hindrance than a helper.


You Want A Clear Record Of Your Spending

receiptReturning to pay by phone's requirement to charge your mobile phone bill, this is once again going to cause an issue for those who like to keep an accurate account of their spending. Mobile depositing is great for those on a bankroll because it limits your deposits, but it also makes your depositing history very vague.

One of the key successes of mobile phone depositing is how it offers you privacy. Since it never explicitly shows on your phone bill where you've made a payment, any pay by phone payments you've made will simply show up as a phone charge on your end of the month bill.

For example, if you deposit £10 using mobile phone bill depositing to your casino and then check your bill at the end of the month, it won't show it as a deposit, but simply a phone charge which cost the same amount, which could be a phone call or text message (albeit a very expensive one).

While e-wallets and online banking are less restrictive on your spending, they do at least track where your payment went to, showing the merchant with any transaction, so you can keep a clear history of your spending. You can still decipher where you've been spending your mobile deposits by looking through your end of the month phone bill, but it certainly lacks the convenience that other depositing methods offer when it comes to your payment history.


Getting The Most From Your Casino Bonuses

gowin welcome bonusA majority of casino bonuses, especially welcome bonuses, are based around deposit matches. These deposit matches can offer you a percentage return on your first, second or even third deposits, with a standard example being a 100% deposit match up to £100. Deposit matches are a great welcome bonus because they allow you to have access to far more cash when you enter the casino, so you can spend more time playing there and really get to grips with what it has on offer.

But returning to the maximum deposit limits set by pay by phone services, we can quickly see how this might be an issue for someone who wants to get the most from their casino bonuses. If you are offered a 100% deposit match up to £100, but are only able to deposit £30, then you're missing out on 70% of your potential deposit match. And these deposit matches are a one shot reward, so once you've deposited, the rest of that unearned money is gone for good.

That isn't to say that there aren't mobile friendly bonuses. Many casinos offer different deposit matches for low deposits, some casinos offer a flat rate of bonus cash and some even give you some free spins just for depositing. But if you want a mobile friendly casino bonus, you're going to have to go looking for it.

With any other payment method, you'll be able to get the most out of any casino bonus that take a fancy to. So if you're the kind of player who doesn't want to spend time looking for a specific mobile depositing friendly casino, then you're better off using a more general depositing method like only banking or e-wallet payments.