5 Fascinating Casino Facts for Gambling Geeks

Roulette WheelHey! You! Put down the mobile and step away from the casino. Take five minutes out and educate yourself. Where is the biggest gambling city in the world? Where did the first online casino come from? Why do we eat sandwiches? The answer to all this and more can be found below, and we real off some of the most intriguing gambling facts you’ll ever read… Well at least that you’ll read this year… or this month… ok, today…


1. Unsurprisingly, there’s a link between gambling and capitalism

Blue Casino ChipsIt takes luck to rise to the top of the world of capitalism, just like it takes luck to win big at a casino. But have you ever wondered why they call the most successful corporations ‘blue chip companies’? I suppose, given that this fact is included in this list, you can have a pretty good guess that there’s something gambling related in the answer. Believe it or not, you’d be right!

In both brick and mortar casinos and mobile casino, the blue coloured chips tend to be worth more than those of other colours. So, calling something ‘blue chip’ marks it out as being of a higher value than other similar entities.


2. The very first online casino sprung up somewhere unexpected

Antigua FlagWhile many people think of Europe and America as having led the way in new technology in the late 20th century, it was actually a surprising location that claims the title of being the first location to have access to an online casino.

In 1996, Antigua launched the very first online casino, which featured a whopping 18 casino games! By our standard these games look very retro – spoiled as we are by HD mobile slots – but at the time they were pretty cutting edge. Of course, with the proliferation of online and mobile casinos, pretty much everywhere has access to internet gambling these days.


3. You’ve gambling to thank for your lunch

SandwichUnless you landed a jackpot this morning and are spending your winnings on a lavish lunch, you may wonder what I’m talking about. Well this fact is more true if you’ve a couple of sarnies in your lunch box, as it’s card games we have to thank (apparently) for the naissance of the humble sandwich.

You know when you’re playing video poker on your mobile and you’ve only got one hand to stuff your face at meal times? Well we’ve all been there, and apparently it was even a problem back in John Montagu’s day. Better known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich, Montagu was as keen a gambler as he was an eater, so found it frustrating being served food he was required to put down his cards and eat with both hands.

Getting annoyed that his card games kept getting interrupted, the good old Earl ordered his meals be served as meet between two slices of bread – sound familiar? Obviously, the truth of this story is somewhat dubious, but I for one like the idea that poker was responsible for one of my favourite foods.


4. The global gambling Mecca isn’t where you think it is

Macau at NightWhat’s the biggest gambling city in the world? If you answered Las Vegas then you’re dead wrong. Unbeknownst to most online and mobile casino gamblers (or western gamblers in general), the city that takes the largest value of bets every ear is in fact Macau! You might have known that the Chinese liked to gamble, but you have no idea how much they SERIOUSLY love to gamble.

Gambling in the Chinese city brings in over $40 billion per year, and it only take the gamblers of Macau one day to bet the same amount as Vegas gamblers bet in an entire week! Macau makes Vegas – otherwise the biggest gambling hub in the western world – look like it’s for little kids.


5. Most Vegas gamblers stick to slots

Row of Slot Machines Speaking of Vegas, what would you have thought would be the most popular game to play at a Vegas casino? Ok, you’ve paid loads for flights out there, splashed out on a suite in a top hotel, and you’ve got a wad of cash to turn into an even bigger wad of cash – where do you head? Do you hit the roulette wheel? Try your luck at the blackjack table? Take on the poker sharks?

Well, just like at mobile casinos, an astonishing 68% of visitors to Vegas simply trade that wad of cash in for quarters and hit the slot machines. While this might seem odd with all the variety of casino games on offer, when you consider the wide scope and many different styles of slots on offer, it kind of makes sense. Still seems like a bit of wasted trip to me though.