Career Change? The Perks Of Working In The Gambling Industry

Casino Chip StacksThe gambling industry worldwide is worth billions, with people everywhere willing to risk it for the promise of huge rewards. From land-based casinos, race tracks and betting shops to online and mobile casinos, bingo halls and poker rooms, there’s far more ways and places to gamble than you’d even imagine, and in every one of these, there’s people behind the scenes making it all possible. So, what are the reasons people choose to set up business in the gambling industry and what are some of the perks of working in that world?


The Money

Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room straight off the bat. Probably the biggest lure for people looking to work in gambling is the fact that there’s a lot of money to be made. At pretty much every level of the industry, wages are relatively high and gambling company owners can make serious cash if they play their cards right. Think about lowly croupiers on the casino floor – not only are they going to be making on average well above the standard wage for a job with that skill level, they’re generally also able to keep the tips lucky players leave them at the end of a successful game.

Higher up the ladder, you have managers and executives who benefit from the house edge on the majority of casino games, and have the potential to make multi millions if their casino or other kind of gambling venue is popular enough. While success isn’t guaranteed in any industry, gambling can offer pretty consistent revenue to those willing to put in the workload.


The Prestige

It’s undeniable that gambling – especially in casinos – has always been associated with a certain amount of glamour. Lady in Gown at Casino Tables GlamourThere’s something classically classy about casinos, with the aesthetics of casinos often being lavish and expensive. So how does that relate to people working in the industry?

Well, there’s something very appealing about working in proximity to all that glamour; just like with the previous point, everyone working in the gambling industry gets to enjoy the prestige that comes hand in hand with it.


The Clientele

While higher up the food chain you would probably have less contact with the players, there’s actually a lot to be said for having a customer facing role within the industry. People from all walks of life frequent casinos, and that means you’ll have a million different stories walking through the door each and every day.

The tales told at the tables, the jokes shared between players, and the general revelry and good times had in casinos are all there for you to soak up if you’re working there. Sure, you might not be able to fully get involved with the party, but if you have the right temperament, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself.


The Company Perks

Bonus IllustrationNow this point is a little more subjective, and depends what you’re doing in the industry, where you’re working, and who you’re working for, but the majority of gambling companies take good care of their staff, and with all the money going around, tend to offer pretty decent incentives for staff to perform well.

Plenty of casino employees are given bonuses (on top of salary and tips), and enjoy an array of benefits on top of the merely financial. Because it’s a service industry, you want your staff to be happy, because happy staff give the best service, so it’s in management’s interest to look after their employees.


It’s Thrilling!

Sure, playing at a casino to win money for yourself if all good and well, but why risk your own cash when you can simply live vicariously through the players, while you’re guaranteed to get paid at the end of the day? The excitement of the casino, track or betting shop is tangible to the people who work there, and celebrating the highs while commiserating the lows would become your everyday.

If you’re a gambler yourself and like to be near the action, or simply enjoy watching other people gamble, then there’s a good chance you’ll get a real kick out of working in the gambling industry. What have you got to lose?