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Boku allows players to deposit money directly into their casino accounts and pay for it via phone bill or top-up credit. It’s so convenient and quick that Boku casino sites stand out as one of the best places for casual gamblers to play.

Are you looking for a Boku casino? We have searched high and low to compile the following list, featuring sites that have passed our rigorous review process and the test of time.

Here are the absolute best online casinos which accept Boku as a deposit method. Sign up today and play for real money in a matter of minutes!

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An Outline Of Boku Casinos

Although not designed explicitly for mobile casinos – with many other online retailers and services accepting payments through it – it’s certainly in the mobile gambling market that Boku casinos UK have found resonance with the highest volume of users. Despite being unavailable for withdrawals, the speed, ease and convenience of deposit by Boku casino (which allow players enjoy their favourite slots in no time and require only their phone) has made them a real winner with casinos and players alike.boku casino

Casino Boku payment is designed to be quick, easy and instant for anyone with a mobile phone. But what is Boku payment exactly?

In essence, Boku allows players to deposit using the money they normally use to pay their phone bill. Boku network services actually charge the phone network the player is using for the deposit and the phone network then charges the player (their user).

For pay monthly contract users, this means that when you make a deposit via Boku, the charge for the deposit goes onto your phone bill (appearing like a phone call) to be paid at the end of the month. For pay as you go customers, the deposit will come directly off your credit and thus you don’t need to worry about paying for it later.

Because of the limits put on every pay by Boku casino (generally around £10 per transaction and £30 per day), the payments are known as ‘micro-transactions’. In terms of Boku deposit casinos this means that they’re more beneficial to casual players. High rollers have a tendency to get frustrated at the relatively low limits, while they’re set right at the correct level for the less serious gambler.

How Boku Deposits Work At Mobile Casinos

To make a casino deposit by Boku, a number of parties need to act together – the player, the Boku casino UK, Boku itself and your phone’s network provider. Boku is a service accredited by PayForIt which was set up by network providers to allow mobile payments. Because of this link, Boku deposit method has one of the fastest processing times of all methods available. That process involves:

Your Chosen Boku Deposit Casino

Before signing up to a casino, you should always check the banking options available. Although for many a new casino Boku deposit is a must these days, it’s still a long way from being available everywhere, so make sure you’re not wasting your time when signing up. Casinos that accept Boku will typically advertise the fact loud and proud in their banking options, so it shouldn’t be hard to tell.


Boku is known as an Accredited Payment Intermediary, basically meaning that, although the transaction is really between the Network Provider and a casino with Boku, PayForIt has decided that Boku is trustworthy enough to process your money between the two entities. Boku is basically the middle man that tells your network provider to send money to the Boku pay by mobile casino and to bill you. All very clever when you think about it.

Mobile Network ProvidersMobile Network Providers with boku casinos

It’s not actually you who pays directly into the casino, but rather your mobile network provider, who in essence pays the casino, lending you the money and either claiming it back right away from your phone credit, or adding it to your bill at the end of the month.

All major UK phone networks that offer Boku 3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and others, do so because they came up with the idea. The fact that this is effectively the networks’ depositing method means that they make sure it’s always reliable and fast.

The Best Boku Casinos Right Now

  1. NetBet Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £50 + Bonus Spins

  2. Casumo Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% Bonus up to £300 + 20 free spins

  3. Spinit Casino Review Logo Linear
    Up to £200 Bonus + 200 Extra Spins

  4. Genesis Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £100 + 300 Free Spins

  5. bCasino Casino Review Logo Linear
    Deposit bonus up to £500 + 50 free spins

  6. Mansion Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £200

  7. Slots Heaven Casino Review Logo Linear
    Up to £100 bonus + 200 free spins

Step By Step Guide: How to Use Boku to Pay By Mobile

Things are simplest when we break them down. Here are the steps that you will need to take to complete a Boku transaction, from start to finish.

boku slots

1. Sign Up To A New Boku Casino
Choose one of the aforementioned casinos to get started. Sign up as a new player, read through and understand the bonuses on offer.

boku pay by mobile casino

2. Select Boku As Your Deposit Option
Once you’re signed up as a player, you will find Boku as a depositing method under the banking or cashier tab. Choosing the option should take you to the service's deposit screen.

boku casino

3. Select Deposit Value And Confirm
Decide how much you want to deposit, which for most casinos is limited to £10 per transaction and £30 per day. Click confirm to pay with Boku.

casino boku payment

4. Respond To The Text
Next, you should receive a text message from Boku, asking you to verify the payment. This is a great safety feature, which prevents scam websites from being able to make unauthorised payments.

boku deposit casino

5. Start Playing Pay By Boku Slots And Casino Games!
You should receive a second SMS telling you that the payment was successful. You can now head back to the casino and find the amount credited to your account.

The Benefits Of Boku Casino Deposit

We are big proponents of Boku here at GoWin, due to the variety of pros that this payment method has. We will highlight each major one below.

You Just Need a PhoneNo Account NecessaryYou’re In Safe HandsNo Unauthorised PaymentsHelps Self-Control

You Just Need a Phone

GoWin Boku Deposits

In the mobile casino network, most depositing methods require something other than your phone to be able to make a deposit. It can be a credit or a debit card, or the login details for an e-wallet account.

Boku – and phone billing deposits more generally – is unique in that the only thing you need to make a deposit is a phone with access to enough credit to make the payment you want.

Plus, you don’t need to sign up for account, saving you time and adding an extra layer of privacy for your data online.

No Account Necessary

Because Boku recognises the phone number you’re using, you never need to sign up for an account. You’re able to simply log into a mobile casino, select Boku and use it right away at your pay with Boku casino. There’s no difference between the first time and the 100th time you use it.

The ease of not having an account isn’t the only benefit – because Boku doesn’t keep a record of your payments in an account (with payments appearing only on your phone bill like a call) only you’ll know which payments you’re making at which Boku slot sites, offering you extra privacy.

You’re In Safe Hands

There’s a reason why this service is featured so widely at different Boku online casinos, and so sought after by players. The Boku logo is a seal of quality.

It won’t (and can’t) share your identity, payment details or your casino select habits with any third parties. Plus, the daily limit makes sure that even if someone stole your phone and used the funds, you’d get a grip on the situation before you lost thousands of pounds.

Boku has won the trust of players not only because of the great service and security it offers, but also because it’s regulated by not one, not two, but three major bodies – AIMM (the industry specific regulator), Ofcom (UK communications watchdog) and PSA (the body which regulates phone pay services).

No Unauthorised Payments

Your sensitive information – including your identity and banking details – is protected from third parties, casino pay by Boku and the intermediary itself. So, there’s absolutely no way someone can make an unauthorised payment using your phone without you knowing about it.

Because of the security measures in place, which mean you receive an SMS to confirm a payment is being made with your number, no one, not even a dodgy casino, can take your money in secret. Of course, someone could steal your phone, but even then I’m sure you’d realise it before the situation spiralled out of control and made you lose thousands of pounds.

Helps Self-Control

Boku is perfect for the casual gambler playing Boku mobile slots, as the limits set by the service (£10 per transaction or £30 a day) mean you can never really deposit all that much at any given time.

This is also a boon for those looking to curb, or at least keep track of, their gambling spends. You’ll know exactly how much you’ve deposited and won’t go above a certain amount.

The Drawbacks Of Using Boku

As much as we’d like to idealise Boku payments, there are drawbacks to everything in life. Here are a few of the points that could become problematic, so keep them in mind.

Can’t WithdrawLimited DepositsForfeited Bonuses

Can’t Withdraw

Boku, unfortunately, is a one way street. Although it comes top of the list for the best depositing methods, you can’t withdraw your winnings with it.

It’s pretty logical why when you think about how the mechanism works, but it’s frustrating to think that you’re stuck waiting on a cheque or bank transfer, which are well known for being among the slowest withdrawal methods available.

Limited Depositsboku deposit limit

Sure, many fans of slots pay by Boku and praise its limits for helping them keep track of their spending at casinos that use Boku. Meanwhile, a whole lot of others find it frustrating that they’re unable to deposit the larger amounts that they’re used to wagering with.

Of course, your opinion will depend entirely on your style of play, but chances are you’ll find these limits at least a little annoying with Boku gambling.

Forfeited Bonuses

This is one of the most blatant cons not to choose a Boku online casino. However, it’s also one you’ll find only occasionally discussed or even mentioned in the small print at Boku casinos.

Not all, but many mobile casinos refuse to honour their welcome deposit bonus to players who deposit with Boku. It’s hard to tell exactly why these casinos have it in for Boku when it comes to bonuses. Yet, it’s definitely something to consider before you go ploughing in expecting bonuses when you deposit.

What can you expect from a casino that accepts Boku (FAQ)

Here we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other question regarding Boku and casinos, please do not hesitate to contact us straight away.

Does Boku charge a fee?

Does Boku charge a fee?

No, Boku as a payment intermediary does not charge you any fees. Normally, the casino that facilitates the transaction will be the party that takes on the operational costs. However, some casinos have recently started to pass that on to their players. So before you incur any unforeseen costs, its best to ask your casino if they charge you for Boku deposits.

What happens if I lose my phone?

What happens if I lose my phone?

This is a legitimate concern of Boku depositors. Since the mobile phone is the main tool to make payments, what happens if you lose yours and Boku is enabled? Well, whoever gets their hands on your mobile will only be able to spend a maximum of £30 (the maximum daily limit) until you are able to quickly block Boku access.

Possibly, if you are fast enough and the thief is clueless, you wouldn't lose any money at all. Make sure to get in touch with Boku support ASAP to freeze your account.

Are casino bonuses still available?

Are my transactions logged somewhere?

It'd be a great idea to have a chronological log or a history of all transactions. However, Boku does not offer this feature. That's simply because there are no accounts involved, which mean there is no way to aggregate transaction data and display it to the user in a safe way. If you want to know how much you spent, you will have to wait for your monthly phone bill or check your text message history.


Boku is a service provided by a network provider and the intermediary (Boku) to the casual gambler. Simple enough.

Although not designed explicitly for mobile casinos, Boku has found the highest resonance with UK gamblers. And, despite being unable to process withdrawals, the speed, ease and convenience of depositing by Boku has made it the real winner with casinos and players alike.

Boku allows players to deposit by adding the charge to their monthly phone bill or subtracting it from their pre-paid credit of their phone. All UK network providers facilitate these transactions.

5/5 (3 Reviews)