How Best To Use The Free Spins From Online Casino Promotions?

free-spins-best-use-guide-gowinGoWin casino offers many promotions that reward players with free spins. First and foremost, new players get 50 free spins as part of their welcome bonus. Older players can get dozens of free spins on various games simply by making £10-20 deposits.

Finally, VIPs will also get additional free spins as a sign of our gratitude. But does every online casino player know how to use them to their best advantage? Not really.

Free spins mean free money, so every promotion that offers some slots action for nothing is always met with great enthusiasm. However, such passion isn't always a good thing. Even though you get an opportunity to win for free, you shouldn't mindlessly spend it all like there was no tomorrow. If you take care and spin smartly, you can increase your chance of turning those free spins into cash, whether you're at GoWin or any other online casino.

Free Spins Have The Same Potential As Regular Spins

Batman Free SpinsThere's a golden rule to follow regarding free spins and all the other online casino bonuses. It's very simple: just use the same strategies you follow when you play without any bonuses.

The manner of your play should be the same whether you place a bet or spin it for free. Spending your gifts recklessly just because they don't cost you anything is quite wasteful.

If you treat them cheap, they'll only pay you cheap. This isn't karma or anything. It's just that free spins have the same payout rates as regular spins. All of them are random (thanks to the Random Number Generator) and it doesn't matter whether they're triggered by your cash or casino bonus.

Since your chances to win are the same, you should stay smart to make the best out of them. And if there are any restrictions in play, it's the casino terms that set them, not the slot itself.

Learn To Play The Slot First

learn to play slotsJust as with regular spins, learning to play a game first is recommended before spending the free spins on it. By knowing all of the paylines, bonuses and features that comprise the gameplay, you'll always know precisely how well you're doing or how close to a win you were at any given time. If the slot has features that require you to choose anything and thus affect the outcome in any way, this is even more important.

So, learn the ropes first and play second. You might say that free spins are precisely a great opportunity to learn. Why use real money to familiarise with a slot when you can use the free spins? There's no reason not to. But, at the same time, another question could be asked.

Why use the free spins to learn about a slot when you can use the demo mode? While not all casinos offer demo mode on their slots, GoWin casino does. So, give your slots a few spins on demo mode and use the free spins afterwards. Although they cost you nothing, they can bring you a real profit, unlike the demo mode.

Choosing How To Spend Your Free Spins

Usually, free spins will only be usable on a certain slot. The current welcome bonus at GoWin casino provides 50 free spins on Starburst. But this isn't always the case. Some bonuses grant free spins to use on any slot you want. How to choose where to spend them, then?

Based on the previous points, our suggestion would be to use them on slots that you know very well. Spending your bonus on a new slot only to learn that you don't like it would instantly spoil your day. Not even mentioning the poor slot that you're going to hate for all eternity from now on.

Again, if the free spins are only eligible for a game that you don't know, try it on demo mode first. If it's no fun playing it, don't take it unless it comes for free.

Working Your Way Around The Online Casino Restrictions

terms and conditionsBut what about casino terms and conditions? Restrictions like these often limit how you can use the free spins. An example is the bet size, which is always fixed when using free spins. Not only that, it's usually the minimum bet or close to it. Depending on the slot, each extra spin might be worth 10p, 20p, but almost never £1 or more.

Taking that into consideration, there's no freedom to choose a strategy that you'd use otherwise. As it isn't allowed to alter the bet size, a high-roller might be at a disadvantage here. In that case, free spins might be viewed as a means of practice that will only yield low to moderate winnings.

The same applies to the winning cap if there is any. A winning cap will only allow you to win a certain amount from your free spins. If you happen to win more, you simply don't get the amount that goes over the top. In case of GoWin casino, free spins will grant 4x the bet size they're set at. Since that's an obvious disadvantage in terms of the actual payouts, free spins are a great way to top up your bankroll, but not so much an opportunity to win big.

Still, that's much better than nothing, considering that the casino actually provides you means to spin for free. Fifty free spins might save you £5-25, and that's not counting any winnings. So, check GoWin promotions and start spinning for free right away!