Best Time To Withdraw Casino Winnings At GoWin Casino

Casino Banking WithdrawalSometimes it’s not easy to decide whether we should cash out right after hitting that jackpot or keep our funds in the casino account. This depends on our plans, casino policy and many other things. Players at GoWin withdraw casino winnings very differently.

Some follow a plan, others just go with the flow and transfer money almost randomly. Here are some things that you should consider before deciding whether to withdraw now or hold your hand until later.

Protect Your Bonus Money

Remember the promotions you’ve been participating in lately or all the bonus awards you recently received. If you have any bonus money left, convert them into real money before making any transfers. That’s because every time you withdraw from your GoWin account, you immediately forfeit any bonus money left in it. So, don’t withdraw before you’ve met all the wagering requirements related to these bonuses!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it if you need the cash really bad. However, you should keep your money in the casino account if you can wait until you’ve converted those bonuses into real money. This policy is meant to protect the casino and its funds.

If we didn’t have this restriction, players would be able to hoard bonus money. This would make wagering requirements less effective as sooner or later all the players would convert their bonuses into real money anyway.

Withdraw Casino Winnings According To A Personal Plan

holding-back-moneyMany players follow a particular plan and try to keep a certain money balance in their casino accounts. This helps to control the expenses and guarantees that no winnings are spent too hastily. Say, you always want to have no less than £20 in your GoWin account and no more than £100.

If you have an unlucky day and reach the bottom, you can top it up to the minimum £20. If you manage to win a lot of money, you can reap the rewards but leave £100 to continue gambling with.

By following such a plan, you make sure that you won’t deposit and risk too much of your cash in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, by keeping your winnings in your account you are unable to spend them elsewhere, so it’s a convenient saving mechanism.

Don’t Withdraw For No Reason

Withdraw casino winnings only when you need them in real life. What’s the point in emptying your casino account if you don’t need the cash? Especially when there’s no plan to switch casinos or stop gambling altogether. Instead, you can save a lot of time and money by keeping your credit full.

  • You won’t have to make deposits for a long time.
  • You won’t have to pay for transfer fees when depositing.
  • Boku users who want to deposit larger amounts of money won’t have to struggle with the £10/day limit.

So, it really pays to keep your winnings safe. They are safe in your account and nothing is going to take them away, in case you were wondering. Unlike bonuses and promotions, there are no time limits or restrictions on your real money.

Of course, it‘s only natural to withdraw casino winnings after hitting a jackpot. Many people prefer cash over pretty numbers on the screen. However, it makes no sense to take the cash when you don‘t need to use them anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Money In A BagThese remarks aren‘t equally useful to everyone and it‘s up to you to withdraw whenever you want. Just don‘t forget that some money may be protected by certain requirements that you have to fulfil.

Furthermore, when you do make a withdrawal, don‘t expect it to process instantly as this takes up to three days depending on your withdrawal method. Stick to a plan to control your finances more efficiently, and, most importantly, enjoy your winnings!

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