Play Best of British Mobile Slot at GoWin – Our Full Review

Best Of British: Does It Live Up To Its Name?

Best of British Feature ImageBritain is perhaps the world’s most charming amalgamation of tradition and modernity. Its history is kept alive all around it, from its ancient buildings and institutions. With equal vigour, its place in the world of today is deeply anchored, with its myriad contributions – from the Industrial Revolution to the British Invasion of rock ‘n roll. This Best of British slot games brings the best of both to life, reminding us why Britain manages to rule today as it did in the past.


Gameplay Screenshots

Best of British Gameplay

Best of British Animations


Best of British Game Mechanics

Nektan Gaming has pretty much aced the game mechanics of Best of British slot. This game is powered by 15 paylines and sports a 3 X 5 reel layout. You can start playing this game from a mere 15p and you may wager up to £150 if you wish to do so.

Best of British Small Win

The Return to Player (RTP) rate in this game is a decent 96.6% allowing you to maintain you bank balance fairly easy. In our opinion, the Best of British mobile slot is a medium variance game. Trigger the Free Spins mode every now and then, and you should be going home with a decent mount of winnings.


Bonus Features

Simple and robust has been the name of the game for Best of British mobile slot game so far. As we slot enthusiasts know, features in a slot game make or break the game. So, how does the Best of British fair in this department?

First up, stacked Wild symbols. The symbol that you should be looking out for here is the Bulldog symbol. What they do is that they replace any symbols to complete winning paylines and when they do come in stacks, naturally, you will have more winning paylines that results in a huge payout. Also, when three wild symbols are used to complete a payline, you will be rewarded with a five-of-a-kind win.

Best of British Wild Symbols

No slot game is complete without the Free Spins mode. Keeping that in mind, the developers of Best of British slot game have succeeded in making it one of the best that the industry has ever seen. To trigger this mode, you will need three of the London tube symbols and that gives you a staggering 30 free spins straight up. No questions asked. We had to check again just in case it was a typo, but yep, they give you 30 free spins. All you have to do now is trigger it once or twice and you would be going home with pockets full of cash!


User Interface and Gaming Experience

Similar to the other marvels of British engineering, the developers of Best of British mobile slot have made sure that this game that this game performs to the highest of standards in the slot industry. The animations that bring the symbols to life are nothing short of stunning and the soundtrack that accompanies the game works hand in hand with the visuals. We played this game for half an hour and we came across no flaws whatsoever. This game is playable across all platforms, namely iOS, Android and on PC.


What's Great About Best of British Mobile Slot?

The theme of Best of British mobile slot is simply fantastic. I mean, literally EVERYTHING about this mobile slot game is British. All the symbols are made from iconic symbols of the British heritage and the only thing missing in this game is the London Eye and the British parliament. If you were a tourist wanting to visit Britain, play this game! It is a preliminary trip to Britain by itself. The 30 free spins is another amazing feat. Never before have we seen a slot game give out as many free spins as 30. Talk about wanting to be the best of the best!

Best of British Free Spins Gameplay


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

Slot games in general may be geared at providing us with a bit of good fun (and hopefully, some extra cash along the way). However, this one in particular also tugs at our minds and at our hearts. With its randomly-selected and randomly-arranged mix of British icons, past and present, it serves as an unlikely reminder of Britain’s special place in the world. The 30 free spins that are rewarded to players are also comes to us as a memorable feature to us. Something for those of us from the Isles to be proud of and those of us not from this lucky nation to look at in awe.