What Beef Do Anti-Gamblers Have With Gambling Anyway?

anti gamblingStigma is an unfortunate thing you're going to have to put up with if you chose to gamble on a regular basis. Even the act of telling someone might raise a few eyebrows and bring out awkward questions from people who have never even set foot inside a casino. But this is nothing compared to some of things non-gamblers say about gambling. You walk down the high street and see your local Betfred is being blocked by a giant lorry with the words: “IN GAMBLING, YOU ALWAYS LOSE!” written on the side.

It seems ludicrous, so why are some people so against it? Don't get us wrong – we're not saying all non-gamblers hate gambling. In fact, we'd say the majority don't really care for it. It's the people that go out of their way to put an end to it that really fascinate us. Here at GoWin casino, we've banged our heads together to come up with the main reasons that anti-gamblers use to justify their views.


Cultural Reasons

gambling with the devilOut of all the reasons on this list, this one is definitely the broadest. From religious beliefs to the society they were raised in, many anti-gamblers seem to think gambling is an evil practice (or a vice like smoking or drinking) because their mentality is a product of the environment they live in. For many religious people, for example, their sacred text may condemn any form of gambling as it's seen as sinful.

On the other hand, some governments throughout the world outright ban gambling altogether. Countries like the UAE, for example, do not permit it (although there are exceptions) and the punishment if you're caught can be pretty severe. Even in Western nations like the US and the UK, gambling is heavily regulated and specific types of it are illegal. You cannot make gambling a business venture without a license and to acquire one is very difficult. All this adds up to a generally negative outlook.


Had A Bad Experience

Roulette Wheel Win LoseMany anti-gamblers are, in fact, ex-gamblers who ended up in a severe amount of debt thanks to a string of bad luck. While we sympathize with these people, they take out that frustration by further perpetuating negative views on the industry as a whole. They use catch-all statements like, “ALL GAMBLING IS RIGGED!” and “IT'S ALL IN THE CASINO'S FAVOUR!”

It's this kind of rhetoric that makes it hard to argue against them because technically, yes the bets are done within the casino's favour but if this were not the case then the casino would get no money and close down. Besides, any half-decent licensed casino would inform their players about this. This is why it's important to read the Terms & Conditions. And if you had a bad experience with gambling because you're just bad at it then… well, that's not our fault!


Negative Media Portrayal

russian roulette gamblingA large contributor to stigma is through the media. Whether it be books, films, TV shows, video games, if you portray all gambling as this seedy practice that only gangsters, thugs and pimps take part in then you're doing it a disservice and people are going to get the wrong idea.

As it happens, there are plenty of positive portrayals of gambling in the media, too. In fact, there are countless films out there that glamorize it and make it look not only appealing, but also sexy. No one, for example, cares that James Bond does it!

On the other hand, there are still plenty of mediums that make gambling look very unattractive. Newspapers in particular only report on the crazy man who beat up a slot machine or the poor woman who couldn't stop playing roulette so sold her husband's car to pay off her debt. You never hear about the positive growth of the industry or how people's strategic and money-management skills improve if they learn to gamble properly. And, yes, while negative things in the gambling world do happen, the media's portrayal of this tends to be exaggerated or based on assumptions and stereotypes.


General Ignorance

shrugging manThe final reason anti-gamblers tend to anti-gamble is because they haven't a damn clue what they're talking about. When all the reasons above feed into the mind of one who's had no exposure to gambling, they're going to spout complete rubbish about it. If, however, they took the time to research anti-gambler's arguments and realize a lot of them are pretty shaky, they may find that it's not all as bad as it seems.

Not everyone develops a gambling problem and gets into so much debt they have to sell a kidney. Not everyone throws a temper tantrum when the roulette ball lands on double zero instead of 15 black. The more you know and the more you educate yourself on the facts the less of an uninformed twonk you'll look. This goes especially if you like playing poker at home even if it's with Haribo instead of real money – it kind of makes you a proper hypocrite.

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