Why Would You Use A Banking Method That Doesn’t Let You Withdraw?

Casino Banking WithdrawalJoining a new casino can be a tricky maneuver. As if it wasn't hard enough choosing a site based around it's games and it's bonuses, you also need to think about how you can fund, and cash out, of your new account. Here at GoWin, we'd argue that we make it relatively simple: we know we've got the titles you love playing, we offer a very generous welcome bonus – not to mention tonnes of weekly promotions – and we've adopted several different payment methods so that you can bank with ease.

That being said, like everything in life, each banking method does have it's advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages of any method is that it won't let you withdraw in the same way. This can be a problem for not only pay by phone users, but for users of pre-paid cards and other banking options too.

So, why would you opt for any of these? Well, in fact, there are quite a few reasons why these payment services still appeal to players and there is a solid argument as to why you shouldn't write them off just yet.

Methods That Won't Let You Withdraw

boku pay by mobileAs we mentioned above, here at GoWin we provide all our players with an extensive range of depositing options, so that they can feel comfortable when it comes to funding their account. The majority of these methods allow you to both deposit and withdraw, but there are a couple of exceptions.

You cannot withdraw via Boku or Paysafecard. If you have deposited in this way, then GoWin will ask you to select a new method for cashing out, this could be a credit card, a debit card, an e-wallet service or a wire transfer. It sounds annoying, we know, but it's actually not our fault!

We cannot accept withdrawals via Boku or Paysafecard due to third party restrictions. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Neither of these methods require you to input any banking details in order to deposit, which means we wouldn't know where to send your money – even if we could.

paysafecard-payment-successBoku deposits are subtracted from your monthly phone bill, or your existing phone credit, so unless you want to spend all your winnings on texting your mates, it'd be pointless for the service to accept withdrawals.

Similarly, Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher service, which allows you to deposit by topping up with cash or card. So, unless you want your winnings on a card, which isn't accepted by all retailers, this would also be futile.

So, What're The Advantages?

Whilst it makes sense that these payment methods don't allow for withdrawals, we understand that for many users, this could seem very off-putting. Luckily, there are several advantages of using these methods which outweigh the downsides.

They're Quick to Use

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Traditional payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, require you input lots of long and complicated numbers before you can make a deposit. That's before we even consider the time it takes to track down the right card.

Who knew you'd left it in the back pocket of some jeans you wore three weeks ago? Similarly, e-wallet services like PayPal and Neteller require you to set up a whole separate account, and some even ask you to verify it before you can put it to use.

All of this takes time and time is spins, my friend. We hate waiting around to deposit at the casino, which is why we love Boku and Paysafecard payments. As they don't require any bank details, you can fund your casino account in a matter of seconds, literally. This means that even though they don't accept withdrawals, these methods are the perfect choice for those who deposit frequently, as they won't eat into your gaming time.

They're Completely Free

Man with Free SignBoth Paysafecard and Boku are free of charge. This is because they don't require you to create an account and so there are no account management fees. Furthermore, as there's no connection to your bank account, you won't be charged any commission or transaction fees either.

We'd hope that in this day and age, all depositing methods would be completely free, but the fact is that a lot of e-wallets do take a percentage of your funds away from you. It's a small amount that's usually around 1-3%, so you may never have realised this before, but it does mean that if you like to deposit regularly, then Boku or Paysafecard could be the method for you.

They're Very Safe and Secure

Padlock IconOne of the biggest advantages of using a one-way payment method is that it's 100% secure and anonymous. This is because, as with all of these perks, you don't ever input your bank account details. For instance, Paysafecard vouchers can be bought with cash in a shop, which means you don't need to supply any personal information or sensitive details.

Furthermore, even if you lose your voucher, you can contact Paysafecard directly and they'll supply you with a new code, blocking the old one so that no one can use it on your behalf. In the same way, to make a Boku deposit you only need to input your phone number.

Whilst this is a personal detail, it won't do any harm if intercepted and what's more, all Boku payments need to be verified by SMS message before they can be processed.

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