How To Stop Yourself From Making A Bad Bet In Online Gambling

lose diceWe all know that any kind of online gambling will involve losing some money. After all, that's the whole point behind gambling: you've got to lose some to win some. It's part of the thrill of placing your bet at the roulette table, spinning a slot or revealing your card hand. But sometimes the thrill of winning can cloud our judgement.

Even when we are losing badly, we tend to make rash decisions in an attempt to regain what we have lost. So how do you stop yourself from making that dreaded “bad bet”? Here at GoWin, we have a guide that will hopefully give you some things to keep in mind the next time you're at the poker table. Or not, as the case may be…


Always Exercise Restraint

restraintThe best thing to do whenever you're taking part in any online gambling is to exercise restraint. Now, by all means, we are not saying you shouldn't take risks. After all, isn't that what gambling's about? The risk is half the fun! But your victory will be all the sweeter if you remember not to become reckless to early in the game.

If you pile on the coins/chips in your first bet then continue to do so throughout the game, not only does it take out the fun but you end up breaking the bank.This, more often than not, comes down to basic common sense. But you just try and remember common sense when you're in the middle of a winning streak!

It seems very irrelevant all of a sudden. This technique may take some practise and it does depend on the moment, but generally speaking it's better to be reserved than excessive.


Examine Best/Worst Case Scenarios

ScalesBut how do you “restrain yourself”, so to speak? Well, before you make a particularly large bet, you should ask yourself what the best case scenario would be if you won and what the worst case scenario would be if you lost. If the loss is too high then you might want to reconsider your bet.

Despite appearances in Hollywood films, gambling is not completely random and intuitive. There is some strategy behind it, too. This also counts for mobile gambling. Asking yourself these questions decreases the likelihood of you loosing too much money by making a bad bet because you see what you could lose. It's not fun, but when online gambling stops being fun, that's usually a sign that you should stop.

Even if you're desperately trying to scrabble all the money you have lost back in your pocket again, the chances of your doing so are very slim and if you are not enjoying yourself you should quit now. Not online gambling altogether, you understand. Just the gambling session you're in. Once you return with more money, you're more likely to be of sounder mind.


If You Can't Afford It, Don't Do It!

Simple as that. If you're close to running out of money, then you know whatever move you make is going to be a bad one. It'll only lead to more and more until, finally, you're broke and forced to leave.

There's a small chance you could win but, sadly, the prospects are slim, especially on a losing streak. So if you cannot afford another bet, then the answer is clear. Just don't do it. Seriously, you may regret it in the long run.

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