Lilly Hamon is the team's feature editor. She mainly writes about new and upcoming gadgets, Bitcoin technology, and innovative casino games. She's got a bit of a passion for poker, and will never turn down the opportunity to play a game, whether it's for money or Haribo sweets.

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2019 UK Tennis: Will You be Betting on the Fed Cup?

If you haven’t heard of the Fed Cup, well, you’re only missing out on the world’s biggest women’s tennis championship. Honestly, who doesn’t love watching women’s tennis? There’s less predictability, more surprises, and fresh new faces ready to topple last year’s champions. It’s entirely understandable get bored with the Nadal-Federer merry-go-round that is men’s tennis. […]

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Would you believe it if we told you that by 2020, apps might not exist anymore? Gartner, a big research and advisory company, sure think so. They’ve predicted that companies will most likely decide to stop using them for user engagement due to safety issues. More specifically, the main reason that apps aren’t safe as […]

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