How Android Pay And Apple Pay Deposits Work At Mobile Casinos

android pay and apple pay acceptedMobile phones are slowly becoming the new bank card as dozens of companies seek to take all your bank account details and combine them with your smart phone, so you can make simple and secure card payments, whether you’re on the high street or playing at your favourite casinos. Some of the biggest names that are joining the mobile depositing revolution include Google and Apple.

Apple have released their Apple Pay service and Google have released the similarly named Android Pay service. Both of these payment methods are available for their related smartphone OS and are set to revolutionise the way we make mobile deposits at our mobile casinos. So let’s take a look at how they work and get our heads around these new mobile payment methods.


What Android Pay And Apple Pay Bring To Your Casino Payments

mobile phone bank cardBefore even deciding if you need to know how to use Apple Pay and Android Pay, the first answer you need to hear is how they improve your casino payment experience. After all, if they don’t make your casino banking any easier or safer, then there’s no point in making the switch over to them.

Effectively, Apple Pay and Android Pay are setting out to remove the need for your bank card entirely, by making your phone carry all your banking information. Instead of having to carry around the bank cards for all your accounts whenever you leave the house, or having to keep track of which bank cards you want to sign up with your casino, your mobile phone will have all your bank accounts tied to it.

The benefits of this are immediate. Instead of having to remember all the individual bank details every time you make a casino payment or sign up with a new casino, all that information is now tied to a single place. You can now make bank card payments at your casino, without any of the downsides of a bank card, such as having to enter a long 16 digit code.

But there’s a much more important benefit to tying your bank cards to your mobile phone instead of your casino. The more places you enter your bank card details, the more places you put them at risk of being stolen. Your casino is safe, but it is still only protected by an email and password, which can be accessed from any computer or mobile phone as long as someone has the details. If you have several casino accounts, coupled with all your banking details, that’s a lot of ways for your data to be compromised.

By using Android Pay or Apple Pay, you enter your bank details with one service and then that’s it. When you head to a casino, you pay using Apple Pay or Android Pay, which then acts as the middleman to access your bank details. You can now therefore make bank card payments, without your bank card details going anywhere near your casino.

apple pay touch idAnd any time you want to make a card payment using these mobile Pay services, you have to enter a passcode of your own choosing, which you have to physically type into your phone. Not only are you passcode protected in order to authorise a payment using your mobile payment service, but you also have to physically be holding your phone, which offers you two forms of security. Also if you use Apple Pay, you can use the Touch ID button on your smartphone to authorise payments, therefore securing your bank payments using your own fingerprint. It might be hard to guess a passcode, but faking your biometric data is well beyond anything the average thief is going to cook up, leaving you with peace of mind.

All in all, Android Pay and Apple Pay have made sure that not only are your details concentrated in one area and therefore easier to access, they are also protected by incredible safety measures which make your card details more secure than ever. And you can get the benefits of this whether you’re at the mobile casinos or out on the high street.


How To Make Android Pay And Apple Pay Casino Deposits

mobile deposit successHow you can make Android Pay and Apple Pay deposits at your casinos is exceptionally simple. Here’s how you do it in a few simple steps:

  • Log into your casino and head to the depositing screen of your casino
  • Select Android Pay or Apple Pay as your preferred depositing method
  • Select the amount you wish to deposit at the casino
  • Then select which bank account you want to deposit your cash from using your Apple Pay app
  • Finally enter your passcode or place your finger on your Touch ID button if you're using Apple Pay
  • Your payment has gone through and it's time to enjoy your casino games
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