The Advantages Of Being A High Roller – Perks You Can’t Ignore!

Casino High Roller Champagne Table GamesA casinos dream punter is the punter that bets frequently and bets big. Casinos identify these players as their most valuable assets and pull all kinds of strings to ensure they provide an experience that makes them want to come back for more. When you join an online casino and plan on spending time on the high limit games you should definitely check out the high roller benefits before you do anything.

The casinos treat their high rollers like royalty. When you're a high roller you are eligible for benefits and rewards that the regular players won’t have access to. You should compare these benefits when you are trying to find the best online casino and choose wisely to which one will suit your needs. So what should a high roller should look for?


1. High Roller Bonus Offers

Anyone who's played at an online casino website knows that casinos are always anxious to keep players active. They do this by offering them bonuses on the money they deposit. For example, there could be a 50% deposit bonus up to $100, meaning if you deposit 50, you'll get 75 to play with. Online casinos want to ensure the best VIP casino experience for their big players, so more regularly they will offer this kind of bonus and for higher amounts.


2. Exclusive Games

GoWin Casino Games LobbyFor your loyalty, a casino is likely to give you special access to games regular players can't play. These games might simply be a high-staked version of classic games you can find on offer to your regular patrons or could even be a newly launched game that VIP's are getting the privilege to check out first.


3. Invites To Big Events

It has been known for Casinos to buy corporate tickets to top music gigs, sports games and theatre shows and treats their VIP players by handing them out accordingly. Not only that, they will invite a bunch of your friends too, treat you to transportation, food, drinks and other various perks – live happy!


4. A Dedicated Personal Host

Casinos like to value their high staked players and doing so treat them royally but appointing them personal hosts. This person will be there day and night to assist their client's needs. They can even be used for arranging luxury services such as airplane tickets, hotel bookings, and car hire. Very swanky, I know!


5. Unlimited Withdrawal And Deposit Limits

As a regular online casino player, you will be well aware that there are limitations to how much you can deposit/withdraw. Well, that isn't the case when you're a VIP. The dedicated host can help you work out what the best way to withdraw cash is for you and if there are ways to avoid paying more fees than you absolutely need to. Saving you money and time is what it's all about when it comes to VIP banking!


All In All

Thumbs UpOnline casinos will each offer their players the opportunities and rewards they choose to. So when deciding which casino to play with, its important you focus on the casino that will meet your individual needs and the casino that will offer you rewards that are best for you. Just as all casinos differ, so do players needs.

This is why it's important to do your research, especially when you're going to stake big. You might as well take an hour and get the best value – it's your money at the end of the day. Just before we go, here are five short facts to keep your brain ticking.

  • It is a lot easier to become a VIP online than it is inside an in-shop casino
  • VIP bonuses can be worth up to £10,000
  • Transaction fees can be erased
  • VIP games are usually the casino classics
  • The incentive packages can be OUT OF THIS WORLD
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