Five Ways You Can Protect Yourself When Mobile Depositing At Your Casino

check phone billMobile depositing is one of the most secure ways to pay at your mobile casino. It's simple to access, simple to use and has built in limits which protect your wallet as well as yourself. But even with all its built in security, there's still a few loopholes and downsides to mobile depositing which you're going to have to take responsibility for.

You don't give your PayPal password out to anyone who asks, and mobile depositing has some similar nuggets of advice that need to be followed to stop you or someone else, from charging a lot of money to your phone bill. In this quick guide, we break down the top 5 ways that you can go about protecting yourself when you make mobile deposits at your online casino.


Keep Children Away From Your Mobile

children on phoneIt's well understood that casinos are 18 rated and children should be nowhere near a casino at anytime. However, children don't know this and if they get on a mobile phone and find their way onto your online casino account, they might not understand how pricey those neat looking games are to play.

Children have a habit of causing a lot of damage whenever they get their hands on a piece of technology. Deleting some apps on your phone or un-tuning the TV is one thing, but spending money using your mobile phone tops all of these as the worst outcome. Mobile depositing is great because of its simplicity.

But the old saying “so easy a child could do it” may come to haunt you if you leave your mobile phone around with your kids. The advice here is clear: keep the kids away from your phone and avoid the risk of any trouble.


Add Protection To Your Mobile Phone

mobile securityGoing one step further than keeping it away from children, the most effective way to protect your mobile is to give it some added security. You can add a passcode, pattern lock, or possibly even a fingerprint in order to protect your mobile phone. There's so many ways to keep your phone secure, that there's really no excuse to keep your phone and all its data secure.

Aside from just the fact you can mobile deposit from your mobile, most people have all your personal information, your friends' information, your bank information and private conversations saved to their mobile. It's a good idea to keep your phone safe and secure at all times. It'll benefit not only your wallet, but also your peace of mind, as you won't have to worry about anyone making any mobile payments on your phone without your permission.


Use Depositing Limits To Your Advantage

boku deposit limitMobile phone bill depositing has depositing limits built into the service at a fundamental level. Depositing limits are primarily in place because most users will pay off any credit they've built up when they go to pay their end of the month bill.

Until that time, your mobile network provider will be footing the bill, something which they don't really want to do, so putting depositing limits in place was a good prevention to stop their customers running up massive debts.

But depositing limits also protect customers. Unlike every other banking method, where users have to impose their own depositing limits, mobile phone billing handles it all for you. If you're on a tight bankroll and want to stay within a budget, then it's best to embrace the depositing limits as a saving grace of the payment method.

You can enjoy your mobile casino, whilst someone else watches the purse strings for you, allowing you to put your mind to more entertaining things. Some mobile depositing services, like Boku Mobile, will impose daily depositing limits, so you can give yourself even more peace of mind and protect your bankroll even better.


Be Aware Before You Confirm Payments

double checkMobile depositing has very few flaws, but its most major issues is that it's extremely hard, if not impossible, to get a refund on mobile phone bill deposited payments. The payment service is regulated very tightly and is very secure, but when it comes to taking responsibility for your payments, that responsibility lies solely with the owner of the phone that the payment was made with.

It's quite tough to make a mobile payment by accident, since you not only have to confirm your payment on the casino itself, but you then have to respond to an SMS, which once again confirms all the details of the payment. Mobile depositing is extremely safe simply because of how many steps there are between you heading to your deposit screen and then actually authorising your payment.

Mobile depositing easily has the most steps to prevent you from making a payment that you don't want to make, when compared with any other casino banking method. But even with all those barriers, people still make mistakes, so you should always read everything on your screen before idly agreeing to it and causing yourself a lot of hassle.


Keep An Eye On Your Monthly Bill / Credit

mobile-phone-depositsThis is sage advice for any who's spending money, but is especially important to keep in mind when your mobile depositing. Players on a budget should always try to get into the habit of checking their bank statements or e-wallet transactions, just to get an idea of how much they're spending.

Mobile depositing is excellent for this as it provides players with a built in depositing limit of £30 per transaction, or £30 per day if you're a Boku user. However, this safety net can lull some players into a sense of false security, and even with a £30 daily depositing limit, that can add up across an entire month's worth of depositing.

Players should always be sure to keep an eye on their mobile expenses, either at the end of the month when their bill comes, or using the online account they have with their mobile network provider. Players who are on a Pay As You Go service should also keep tabs on their credit, not just to know how much they're spending, but also to make sure that they have enough credit handy if they need to make an emergency call.

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