The 5 Myths About Online Video Slots You Shouldn’t Believe

Myth StampAh, gambling! It's a breeding ground of myth and superstition. Because a large portion of it is based on luck , many players will believe anything you tell them as long as it reassures them that they are not, in fact, a bad player – it's all the casino's fault, dammit! Sadly, this is the case for online video slots, too.

While slot machines are tangible and therefore more likely to be subjected to wild conspiracy theories, online video slots are harder to blame for any losing streaks people happen to have. Saying that, however, there are still plenty of myths about video slots out there and today we plan to debunk some of them.

Myth #1 – If You Play Long Enough, You'll Spot A Pattern!

Many players tend to believe (and this goes for real life slot machines, too) that if you play a video slot long enough, you'll start to see a “pattern” in the slot revolutions. This myth will make you sit in front of your computer/laptop/phone screen for hours trying to see this nebulous “pattern” in broad hopes that you'll be able to exploit it. Well, for those who believe that, you are in for a shock.

Online video slot revolutions are, in fact, completely random. There are no patterns to them whatsoever. Even though it's digitized, the technology used has been specifically created so that the slot does not produce the same outcome too many times in a row. You may, once in a blue moon, happen to see the same symbols land in a somewhat familiar order, but other than that, you will never figure out a pattern in video slots because there isn't one.


Myth #2 – They're All Rigged and Repeat the Same Spins!

angry at slotOkay, technically this is two points but let us take them one-by-one. The first is that all video slots are rigged (i.e.: designed so that all the money you put in goes to the casino and you never win anything). While this is true to a certain to degree (casinos need to make their money somehow) the fact that they're made so you never win a penny is outright false. Yes, the video slots need to be made so the casino makes a little money but that does not mean they're trying to steal your wallet.

As for the second point, that all the slot revolutions repeat themselves inevitably, this shows  ignorance of the technology used to create them. We explained in the point above that all video slots use a random number generator so that no slot resolutions will land on the same symbols twice. The chances are extremely slim, so slim in fact that you're more likely to die everyday. Okay, that's a grim image, but still! Point remains.


Myth #3 – A “Just Missed It” Means You're Getting Close!

Wild Wild West Free Spins WinAgain, because of the random nature of any given video slot, this myth is complete hogwash. If you were one symbol away from winning something, that does not mean that on the next one you'll get it, or the next one, or the next one, or the one after… See the vicious cycle this inspires? It doesn't matter whether you make one more resolution or fifty , coming close one time doesn't mean you're close to hitting the jackpot.

We do understand the mentality behind this one, however. It is encouraging to see that you almost won (and at the same time, infinitely frustrating) to the point when you want to carry on based on the vague hope that next time you might get lucky. It's the infectious bug that could, if you're not careful, leave you without any money.


Myth #4 – Your Chances Will Stay The Same!

BoredomBecause of the unerring factor of randomness when it comes to video slots, you may think that your chances of winning anything will stay the same – very, very low! This could not be further from the truth. Just because you've been hitting dud after dud, does not mean that your luck won't turn around and that you'll win something. Many people carry on gambling because of this hope.

Your chances are not all that low, either! A few other factor may come into play that'll naturally increase your chances of getting something. Free spins, for instance, help out a lot and any video slot that comes equipped with a bonus game not only creates variety in gameplay, it helps players acquire bonuses that help them onto a winning streak.

So your chances are definitely better than you think. But don't get us wrong! We're not saying that you will definitely win something. We don't want  to raise your hopes too much.


Myth #5 – I Haven't Played In A While… Maybe I'll Win!

mobile invoicingAgain – wrong! This myth has to confound us more than all the rest. How on earth can a video slot, a digitally rendered machine, decide to be generous to you simply because you haven't played it in more than a month? Are you expecting the slot to be grateful that you're giving it attention? No! Stop thrusting your anthropomorphism on slots. It's weird.

Or perhaps people honestly believe that creators have secretly written a code that'll make video slots dish out more money if you return to them after a set period of time. The trick is trying to see how long it takes for that to work. Well, pun fully intended, but you will be wasting your time if you did that!

Once again, the key factor here is the randomly generated slot symbols. They do not care if you play regularly or occasionally, whether you play for hours at a time or only for a few minutes.  The only thing you can do to win is just play.

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