The 5 Biggest Myths About Live Casino Table Games

live casino selectionLive casino games are some of the best table games that you can play at the casino, yet there’s a lot of confusion for some players about how they actually work. More anxious players may worry that they’ll have to interact with the live dealer personally, possibly through their webcam or microphone. Other players might worry that with so many other players taking part in the game, if they hesitate to think about their moves then they might hold up the game.

And, possibly most importantly, many players simply worry that the game is going to cost them an arm and a leg to take part in. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the five most popular myths about live casino games, to prove once and for all, that live games are just as simple to get into, if you take the plunge.


The Cost Is High

auto roulette low limit gowin casino live casinoThe main concern of most players whenever they start a new game at a casino is the cost. It’s not completely irrational that players should want their casino wallet to go as far as possible and a live casino game seems like it should be more expensive. After all, the casino has to hire a dealer and a set, which should be far more expensive than just an automated game.

However, players will be surprised to find out that live casino games are just as cheap as their single player variants. Live casino games go one step further by not only being as cheap to place your minimum wagers, but live casino games also allow for far larger maximum bets.

If you play live casino games you not only get an immersive casino experience, you also get it for the same price as the bog standard casino table games and you get more flexibility in how much you bet. What could be better than that?


It’s More Complicated To Play

live casino skillsCasinos don’t want their players to be confused, it’s not surprising that confused players don’t have a habit of sticking around. That’s why live casino games are just as simple as their single player versions. At their heart, they’re exactly the same game, with just a dealer instead of an automated wheel or card dealer.

Much like in single player table games, you have on screen buttons that lay out all the moves you can make and wagers you can place. Once you select which move you want to make, that information is passed on to the dealer, as it would be with any other casino table game. There really isn’t any noticeable difference from a gameplay standpoint between live casino games and single player table games.


Holding Up Other Players & Increased Interaction

taking time slowThis is one of the myths which keeps the most players from trying out live casino games. People who have ever seen a live stream or a few moments of a live casino game are probably immediately going to notice the fact that live casino games have instant messaging built in, multiple players and dealers who interact with the crowd.

For players who have tried out online gambling in order to remove the stress of the high street casino, this might seem like a step backwards. After all, if you’re going to show yourself up by playing slowly online, then the strength of online anonymity has been completely removed.

However, play a live casino game yourself and you’ll see the game has been designed with socialising in mind, but still very much an option. The dealer and other players can see what you type in the messaging box, but the game is still very much playable with zero interaction.

As long as you select what wagers you want to make, then the game will go just fine. And of course, the game has an in built timer, so any wagers no placed, don’t count, meaning that no one is going to be waiting around for you to make a move. The game moves at a pace and it’s up to every player to keep up, which means games are always well paced.


There’s Less Variety

dolphins roulette gowin live casinoThis couldn’t be more far from the truth and there’s very little reason for this myth to exist. There’s absolutely nothing stopping live casinos not being as diverse as single player casino table games. Like all casino tables games, live casino games come with a variety of different tweaks and changes to liven up players’ game time. Live casino games come with low starting wagers, VIP high starting wagers, additional jackpots and even extra bets to players to place and make some more cash.

At GoWin alone, there’s not only a budget and VIP version of roulette, but there’s even Dolphin's Roulette and Raroulette, which both come with unique themes and additional betting choices. If you’re after a diverse gaming experience, then live casino games are just as valid of a choice as any other area of the casino.


Live Casino Games Won’t Run On My Mobile

live casino mobileA few years ago this myth may have held more weight, but nowadays live casino games have been optimised for mobile phones to the extent that they run as well as any other casino game you might play. There are exceptions of course, since live casino games will never run as well as a really basic version of the game, but players shouldn’t let the technology behind their live casino games hold them back.

As the technology and streaming techniques have improved, casino game developers have gotten better and better at getting high quality video streams from their casino floor to your mobile phone. The best news is, they’re not even that taxing on your mobile internet now either, so if you want to play live casino games on your roaming data, that’s now a very realistic possibility.