The 4 Most Common Errors Made With Mobile Deposits

If you've been reading a lot of GoWin blogs before now, you'll have a good idea that we are huge supporters of players using mobile deposits as a form of payment on our website. For the most part, they are quick, easy and convenient to use especially in a tight fix.

However, not everyone is clued up about how to use mobile deposits effectively and this can lead to some rather sticky errors. And in 99 cases out of 100, it's  always the user that's at fault. Here are the top five common errors when it comes to mobile deposits.

Not Checking Your Details

The firs mistake a lot of players have when it comes to mobile deposits is forgetting to check their details first. It's a simple matter and that is what makes it so easy to overlook. Not to mention the process itself is so streamlined that you won't think to look over your details, seeing as all you “need” is your phone number and confirmation code.

Our advice? Check it, double check it and then check it again. You'll drive yourself potty if it doesn't go through and it could be solved in a jiffy if you just bear this in mind.


Not Replying to Confirmation Text

It's common knowledge that mobile deposits work in different ways but most of them reply to a confirmation SMS text in order for your payment to go through. Again, a simple mistake which can be looked over if you're not careful.

An alarming amount of players still manage to get this wrong because they are too ignorant of the process to not know they have to send back a reply to their confirmation text in the first place. So make sure you do that otherwise that payment will not happen.


Getting the Confirmation Code Wrong

Of course, this could be a matter of mistyping the confirmation code. It's easy to do with mobile deposits, as you want your money to be transferred as quickly as possible. However, it's important to check your SMS message before you send it.

Sending the wrong confirmation code will make your payment null and void so you have to do the whole process again. Our advice? Copy and past the confirmation code from the SMS and into your player account. This way there's no reason for it to go wrong.


Going Over The £30 Limit

boku deposit limitFinally, one of the most common errors with mobile deposits are players going over their limits. Every mobile deposit service has a limit of up to £30 daily and once you exceed these you can no longer pay any more until the next day. Many new players who use mobile deposits will happily spend until they go over the limit then get frustrated when they can't spend anymore.

Basically, they need to get clued up and restrain themselves on how much the limit is before they go gallivanting off to waste their time and money. Don't stop yourself having fun, just keep your mind on your limits.

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