Three Ways To Get Your Friend To Change Their Mind About Mobile Gambling

pay by phone ewWe all know about anti-gamblers and how much fun they can be. However, it is slightly more unfortunate when your friend is on the fence about the subject. It's bad enough if they just don't like the idea of mobile gambling in the first place. It's even worse when they think you might have a gambling problem.

This is not a nice situation to be in as it can make you feel alienated. That's why today we have compiled a list of three ways that help you get your friend to change their mind about mobile gambling. Even better, it might even encourage them to become mobile gamblers themselves.


1. Talk To them About It

 The key to any healthy relationship (whether that's with a spouse, sibling, or friend) is communication. If your friend has a problem with mobile gambling then you should ask why they don't like it so much. It may be a simple case of: “Meh! I'm just not interested.” But it could be a case of: “I think you're on a slippery slope”. In either case, talk to them about it. And don't just talk, listen! If they have concerns (which is likely, if they are a good friend) then hear them out. They might raise some good points.

Once they've explained it to you, take the time to tell them that you appreciate their concern but there's really nothing to worry about. If you're a good, sound gambler then you know what you're doing and you should try and convince them of this.

Obviously, don't be forceful. They might still have their reservations but they might lessen when you tell them about all the awesome things about mobile gambling. It's important to reiterate why you love it so much but not to make it sound as though you cannot live without it.


2. Show Them

If talking doesn't entirely convince them, use it as a chance to show them how great mobile gambling is. This method may not just involve them watching over your shoulder as you play your favourite slot. It might involve you “proving you're not addicted” so you may have to give up mobile gambling for a time just to do that.

But it might be worth it if that friend forms a better opinion about your hobby. And nothing better shows how seriously committed you are to that friendship than by sacrificing something you enjoy.

On the other hand, simply showing them how simple mobile gambling can be (and how winning something isn't all that uncommon), would normally do the trick. A friend won't be so unreasonable that they would actively ask you to give it up for a month just to prove a point. We suppose it depends how strong your friendship is, really. However, a simple demonstration should be more than enough to make them warm up to the idea of mobile gambling (and gambling in general).


3. Offer To Let Them Try It Out

If the previous two steps have only managed to peak said friend's curiosity, offer to let them try out mobile gambling for themselves. They might end up enjoying it. All casinos, including us here at GoWin, have “demo” versions of each and every game, meaning you can try out the slots without paying any money. Just to see if it's for you or not.

Alternatively (if you feel really daring), sacrifice a penny or two and let them actually gamble a some of your money (if they're reluctant to do it alone). However, we'd say this is a very risky option. Not just because you could end up losing that money, but also because that friend could end up scoring a jackpot. Then you'll end up in pointless law suits over whose money it is.

So that's the three ways that you can try and win over your friend if they think mobile gambling isn't for them. Although, it's more likely that your friends will share the sane hobbies as you do so it's unlikely you'll have a friend like that. We hope this has been helpful, however. Just remember: talk to them, show them what it is, then offer for them to try it out. And if they refuse… well, maybe you just need a new friend.

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