3 Video Slots That Look Better On Mobile Than Desktop

More often than not, your first encounter with a video slot is likely to be on a desktop PC than on a mobile phone. But that really does depend on the individual and on how much technology develops in the past few years. However, you're more likely to explore mobile gambling for the first time in the comfort of your own home than when you're out and about, and more than likely in a rush to get somewhere.

It's therefore likely that you may see a vast improvement in visual quality on your mobile phone when you play said slot on it for the first time. Some appear worse than others but, generally, we like this little surprise – that video slots can be made to look amazing on such a small device.

Of course, that's not always the case for every slot but in the case of these three, we definitely think that they look better on the handheld device (not that they look bad on a desktop).

1) Starburst by NetEnt

One of NetEnt's classic slots, Starburst embodies everything you expect from a video slot. It's got flashy graphics, an attractive design and works extremely well on desktop. But we would argue that it looks even better on any mobile device you can play it on. It helps that the graphics seem to fit better with a smaller screen and the game itself works better with a smaller processor. The animation is just that much better when you play it mobile, a difference that's just about noticeable.

In any case, this video slot was bound to be better than most others on mobile, seeing as it's designed to be that way. Why else do we at GoWin, and most other casinos, headline this game? Because its sheer simplicity makes it timeless and best used on many devices and not just on desktop. In fact, we encourage you to play it only on mobile – it was designed for that purpose. Video slots don't come much better than this.

2) Golden Goddess by IGT

One of IGT's top games, Golden Goddess truly shines thanks to its… well, golden aesthetic. But it's appearance isn't the only thing that matters. It's a 5-reel, 40 playline game that works excellently on desktop as well as mobile, perhaps even better on the handheld devices. Inspired by Greek mythology, it takes the legendary portrayal of Ancient Greece and allows it to flourish on screen with glitzy, golden glamour. Everywhere you look, it whispers promises of wealth and good fortune.

This such a great game to play on mobile because, not only does it look great no matter what screen you play it on, it utilizes the classic video slot look without blending into the background and just looking the same. It is helped by many of its special features, including SuperStacks feature that allows players to transform other symbols into another symbol to make for a big win! As far as video slots go, this one isn't bad. It isn't bad at all. Little wonder we have it as one of the top games in our library.

3) Foxin' Wins by NextGen

Foxin' Wins is the amazing 3D slot game developed by NextGen which tells the tale (or should that be tail) of an aristocratic fox doing his best to cheat money out of a scheming Leprechaun. This little gem of a video slot makes the absolute best use of its graphics out of the other two video slots on this list. What's even better is that NextGen made this game to be played easily on many different devices so you'll be able to experience these amazing graphics on your phone, iPad, laptop, whatever device you own.

Of course, it's better on the smaller screen as it was designed for it but that by no means has any impact on how you experience it on the bigger desktop screen. Playing on there can be just as fun. But what else is there to enjoy about this 5 reel, 25 payline game? It has a great deal of action and winning becomes pretty frequent with all the features that are included. Why not try it out for yourself? Head over to our gaming library and sign up to play now!