3 Ways to Deal With Anti-Gamblers When You Encounter Them

Believe it or not, there are people out there that really don't like gambling in any shape or form. Some argue that it's always been a leech on society while others believe it has got worse thanks to the advent of mobile technology. We understand that they're entitled to their opinions and not everyone has to like gambling (how boring would that be?). At the same time, however, most players don't appreciate it when they feel anti-gamblers are preaching at them or harassing them or trying to make them stop gambling simply because they don't like it.

It's unfair and makes gamblers feel threatened when all they want to do is enjoy themselves and perhaps get a bit of money out of it. So here are some tips on how to deal with anti-gamblers if you ever encounter one.

1) Defend Your Hobby

The most obvious and logical thing to do whenever an anti-gambler tells you what you're doing is a sin is to defend yourself and your hobby. The best way to do this is through logic and a calm demeanor. You don't want to seem irrational but sometimes you can't help that because you're passionate about your favourite hobby and get annoyed when people bash it for no good reason. Just take a moment, try and collect your thoughts, then calmly tell them why you think they're wrong. In same rare cases, however, they may have a point so you may be forced to acknowledge that and understand their position in order to have a good debate.

To expand, the best weapon you can use against someone who's biased against something to an absurd degree is using logic to unseat them. Most of the arguments that anti-gamblers tend to use are either rhetoric or cases of the most extreme forms of gambling addiction that happens to very few people. One of the best logical arguments to make is to ask: “So if gambling does makes you broke, why aren't all gamblers broke?” There are, after all, people who have gambled their entire lives without having to take out a single bank loan. It's not as though you walk into a casino pockets full of cash then walk out of it again with a debt so large you'll never write it off. There are people that do end up doing that but it's so rare it's almost negligible.

If you are going to use logic, however, you need to be careful and make sure you're clued up on some facts before you engage in any kind of debate. You don't want to get anything wrong in case you end up accidentally proving the anti-gamblers right. And, despite all the rhetoric, some of it is admittedly based in some truth. But, like we said, this is based only on extreme truths. It would be like saying that someone who is lactose intolerant died from eating cheese so cheese must be BAD FOR EVERYONE!

2) Call Them a Nincompoop

Of course, we don't literally mean call them a Nincompoop (that would be childish and silly) but a playful insult would help in the comradely side of things. How, you ask? Well, by showing that not everything about gambling should be taken so seriously, you also show that there's nothing to fear about it and it may be a dynamic way of opening up a conversation about it.

On the other hand, you have to be careful with this kind of approach, too. It really depends on how well you know the anti-gambler. If they're a complete stranger and they're shouting in your face, perhaps insulting them (even in a playful manner) may not be the best way of going about things. While there aren't many that would attack you, you never know with some people. A strong enough opinion could override all reason.

If, however, you do know the anti-gambler then there is nothing better than a bit of banter to kick-start a talk about the ethics of gambling. It can help maintain that friendship and not let it get torn apart over differences in opinion.

3) Ignore Them

It's the same argument your mum made when you were little – if you ignore them, eventually they'll go away. Well, sometimes this can work in the adult world. If the anti-gambler you have encountered listens neither to logic nor reason, refuses to let you defend yourself and calls you horrid names, the best thing to do would be to ignore them. This method, though it may not produce immediate effects, works splendidly well in the long-term.

Whenever an anti-gambling organisation parks its propaganda wagon outside your local betting shop, take a closer look at how many people still go into the casino and how many people stop to look at the ad to take in its message. Virtually nobody. Unless they are also anti-gamblers. But most people, you'll find, are just indifferent to it.

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