2019 UK Tennis: Will You be Betting on the Fed Cup?

If you haven’t heard of the Fed Cup, well, you’re only missing out on the world’s biggest women’s tennis championship.

Honestly, who doesn’t love watching women’s tennis? There’s less predictability, more surprises, and fresh new faces ready to topple last year’s champions.

It's entirely understandable get bored with the Nadal-Federer merry-go-round that is men’s tennis. If you want to see something fresh, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Fed Cup.

Plus, for those who haven’t already seen the UK sports news headlines. Next year the Fed Cup is coming to the UK for the first time in over 25 years!

Have you been missing some good tennis betting action since Wimbledon? Well, this is your chance to get started on one of the most exciting tennis competitions in the world.

Fed Cup 2019: Best Betting Tips

Like with any other tennis competition, there are two main ways to maximize your betting strategy. Keep up to date with how well a nation has been faring over the years, and which players will be competing.

The US for instance have had an amazing record at this competition, winning the Fed Cup 17 times already. They even managed a 7-year winning streak between ’76 and ’82!

Popular women’s champions who compete in mixed events often enter the Fed Cup. So you’ll definitely be seeing some familiar faces and applying odds according to player quality.

Want to make the most informed bets possible and get the best possible? For that, it’s important to pick only the best online sports betting sites. Betting sites all over the UK will be full to burst with betting odds for this much-acclaimed cup. So make sure you’re in on the fun!

A Quick Recap on the Fed Cup

The Fed Cup, short for Federation Cup, is the largest women’s annual team sports competition. Only 16 nations end up qualifying for the two elite categories – World Group & World Group II (8 nations per group). But there is a huge amount of applicants and competitors each year.

Launched in 1963 as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation, the competition has now become the premier international team competition in women’s tennis.

It’s often said to be the equivalent to the men’s Davis Cup. This is in terms of size and how many nations apply.

Fed Cup 2019: Competition Format

There are 3 rounds in the Fed Cup:

  • The quarter finals in February
  • The semifinals in March
  • Then the finale in November

Currently, the format of the Fed Cup involves all international applicants being relegated to 5 different levels. They can climb or drop levels according to how well they play.

The top two levels are World Group I and II. These will be the final competitors that make it through to the finals.

Getting Through the Group Stage

If nations manage to get into these groups, they’ll keep their status for the next year’s Fed Cup.  Anyone who loses their spot in the top groups will have to compete to regain it.

The three remaining levels are divided by geographic regions.

  • Level 3: G1 American Zone, G1 Euro/Africa Zone, G1 Asia/Oceania Zone
  • Level 4: G2 American Zone, G2 Euro/Africa Zone, G2 Asia/Oceania Zone
  • Level 5: G3 Euro/Africa Zone

You’ll be cheering your country on while they battle their way up to the World Groups!

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