Bitcoin Casino


Do you know what the next BIG thing to really boost your online gambling experience is going to be?

Our bet is that it’s going to be playing at a Bitcoin (BTC) casino online!

In an industry that’s parallel and sometimes even criss-crossing paths with the regular online and mobile gambling, BTC casino sites are many and BTC gambling is flourishing.

Just like when you’re playing casino games for real money, there are:

  • Hundreds of mobile Bitcoin casino sites
  • Masses of Bitcoin casino games online
  • No deposit Bitcoin casino promotions
  • Bonuses available to players new and old

However, the one differentiating factor is that you’re playing with an innovative digital currency as opposed to the old-fashioned cash.

People, who have tried to play Bitcoin casino games online before, can often be a little hesitant to get on board with using the cryptocurrency to gamble.

This is made even worse if you’ve never even made a simple Bitcoin transaction. The truth is that the thing holding most players back is fear of the unknown.

However, Bitcoin gambling in the UK or anywhere else in the world couldn’t be easier or more straight forward.

Although it’s true that the cryptocurrency fluctuates in value more than regular currencies, it only fuels our excitement as gamblers. Doesn't it?

What’s more, mobile Bitcoin capability means that it’s a stand-out option for players, who want to use mobile devices and play mobile Bitcoin casino games.

If you’re suffering the fear of signing up to an International or UK Bitcoin casino, this guide is here to try and change your mind. Let's go!

Play Bitcoin Slots Online in 10 Minutes

We'll save all the explanations and faff for later in the guide. If you're just interested in how to get playing Bitcoin slots ASAP, here are the steps.

  1. Find a Bitcoin wallet programme/app you want to use
  2. Register for an account on there
  3. Buy Bitcoin to fund your wallet via preferred means
  4. Find a casino that accepts Bitcoin
  5. Set up your Bitcoin casino account
  6. Fund your account and get playing

Introduction to Bitcoin Casino Gambling

First up, it would probably be useful if we were on the same page about what a real online Bitcoin casino actually is.

The definition is a pretty easy one:

It’s any online gambling site which allows to make casino Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal operations. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency which is de-centralised.

Rather than assuming its value against the economy of a nation state, gets its value from the relative supply, demand and rarity of the currency.

Other than that, they’re just normal casinos.

If you want to play Bitcoin casino online, there aren’t (necessarily) any special Bitcoin mobile casino games to make it unique.

A frequent promotion or Bitcoin casino bonus looks like your standard casino bonus. All top Bitcoin casinos UK offer free spins, Bitcoin casino deposit bonus offers and more.

Online casinos accepting Bitcoin aren’t necessarily exclusive to that currency or payment method alone. While there are many sites that accept nothing else but this virtual currency, others offer you a choice.

You can either use the regular payment methods or try out paying with BTC. You’ll, in fact, find that many casinos you’ve previously known as regular now allow Bitcoin payments on top of their usual selection.

An exclusive site with no other options may have benefits for players of Bitcoin online casino real money games. For example, it will usually provide you a FAQ on setting up your BTC wallet and help you do that.

On the other hand, sites that allow greater flexibility in payments also allow you to try the new method without having to abandon the site if Bitcoin doesn’t turn out to be your thing.

In regards to Bitcoin new casino games and sites, they should be easy to find and check out in this day and age.

The Reason To Get Playing Bitcoin Slots Online

UK Bitcoin CasinoIf you are all aboard and think depositing and withdrawing pounds sterling is so passé, you should definitely hop on the train and start Bitcoin casino on line experience.

All the cool kids are doing it, so why not?

Well, for starters, you might not even be sure as to what a real online Bitcoin casino UK even is – let us show you how to play Bitcoin slots online and use these sites in more depth.

In a nutshell, a Bitcoin is a digital currency that was set up and is managed via digital encryption techniques.

Without getting too technical, Bitcoin operates as a peer-to-peer system and takes out the middleman – aka centralised bank – from such transactions.

This allows to play Bitcoin casino games as anonymously as it could possibly be, which will most certainly appeal to those who value their privacy.

Advantages of Bitcoin as a Banking Method

For players at many casinos, Bitcoin has many advantages in addition to the aforementioned ultra-privacy and anonymity.

There are also the added advantages of zero transaction fees, plus super quick deposits and withdrawals.

Very recently, the UK Gambling Commission has given the green light to each UK Bitcoin casino on line, which means that gambling is completely legal and fair too.

Since Bitcoin isn’t controlled by a single entity, the fees just aren’t necessary, though the quality of transactions in this cryptocurrency is top tier if compared to similar services.

That’s an added benefit which is possible to the system sustaining itself in other ways. No Bitcoins casino could possibly offer free transactions if it weren’t for Bitcoins generating on their own in the process called mining.

We aren’t going into detail with this since it isn’t the point of this guide anyway.

To cover the basics, though, mining is a way to get new Bitcoins by providing your computer to process BTC transactions.

While such people do get paid in Bitcoins, the process is slow and you’ve a much better chance at getting more money and much more quickly by choosing to play Bitcoin casino game online or even taking up some Bitcoin betting site offers.

Since this technology allows instant data transferring, deposits and withdrawals at Bitcoin live casinos are unparalleled.

At the very moment of your deposit, the funds appear in the account of your casino.

What’s much more impressive is that the same applies to withdrawals.

You might enjoy your winnings from Bitcoin casino roulette or, for example, Bitcoin casino slot games as soon as you request a withdrawal. The pending periods are often faster than at other casinos too.

Play Online Slots at Bitcoin Casinos

We have already covered the advantages of Bitcoin as a technology and currency in and of itself. What about the sites that allow using Bitcoin play slots online and on mobile?

Do operators who run such sites offer something more or better than any other random operator?

In fact, there are so many perks to using a Bitcoin games casino, we can’t mention them all here.

However, we thought we should really include some of the highlights anyway. These things are often why people decide to switch anyway and try out some Bitcoin new casino games and offers.

The first point that’s worth making is that the average Bitcoin gambling site transaction is so much faster than those of traditional banking methods.

We already told about the superiority of this technology and this really shows if you’ve spent much time gambling elsewhere before. You can get Bitcoin into your casino BTC account instantly and start playing it right away.

There is absolutely no waiting around for third parties to authorise payments or process withdrawals.

Then, there’s the fact that live Bitcoin casino table games and Bitcoin casino slots are among the safest and most reliable in the industry, and you are able to verify the results.

If that’s not enough for you, what about the fact that all online casino Bitcoin players can stay totally anonymous? Whether you’re playing on a computer or on a mobile device, your identity will never be revealed.

Finally, there are the fees.

Again, whether you play online Bitcoin slots or choose a Bitcoin Android casino, you’re either going to be paying nothing or next to nothing to deposit, play and withdraw with this cryptocurrency.

Some sneaky casinos may charge you anyway, but we recommend searching for a Bitcoin VIP casino in that case, which should treat their loyal players to no fees.

The Practical How-To To Playing At A Bitcoin Casino

Finding A Bitcoin Betting Wallet in the UK

bitcoin wallet casino depositsSo, how do you dream up of a currency and get your hands on it? It’s quite easy actually.

1. To play at Bitcoin betting sites, you'll have to set up a digital wallet to hold, send and receive Bitcoins from a BTC casino

By now, there are roughly 30 million Bitcoin wallets in use worldwide.

You can even have multiple wallets and there are many programs to choose from and set up your first wallet with. Some are available for certain devices only, while others arew universal.

If you join a Bitcoin Android casino on your mobile, you can use MyCelium. Meanwhile, iPhone users can choose BreadWallet. Both groups can try Copay and AirBitz, two very popular apps among BTC users.

Luckily for you, using the aforementioned programs will do all the hard work for you. The creation of a wallet is automatic and is no more difficult than creating any other e-wallet account for more traditional payment methods.

In case of Bitcoin casinos, it might be even easier. First, you need to create an account using one of the dedicated apps or PC software. The process is more or less identical to any account creation process.

After that you can open your BTC wallet.

What’s important here is the address of your wallet, which is the only way to identify and access it. Without an address, you won’t be able to play Bitcoin casino game whatever it may be, because you won’t be able to fund your casino account with Bitcoin.

2. Then, you’ll need to purchase Bitcoins from companies for real money.

Once you make sure that your wallet address is saved for you to remember and kept private, it’s time to buy some of this virtual currency.

There are thousands of Bitcoin exchanges online, where you can buy the cryptocurrency for a value of pretty much any other currency you fancy.

You buy your Bitcoin, which is then stored in your selected online wallet (as explained in more detail above), and then simply head to the casino Bitcoin com of your choice, and choose Bitcoin as your depositing method.

Keep in mind: the Bitcoin fluctuates wildly in value, so you should track the course of exchange against your own currency to determine when is the best time to buy.

After that, make a deposit at a chosen Bitcoin casino or find a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus and enjoy some Bitcoin casino slots, or another type of Bitcoin casino game.

After you’re done, you’ll be more than ready to play Bitcoin slot casino sites and enjoy everything that comes with them.

Bitcoin Deposit Methods in UK Casinos

bitcoin depositsIf you give in to the fear and never bother playing at a free Bitcoin casino, you’re not just being a little boring.

You're also missing out on the wealth of UK Bitcoin gambling you might enjoy if you play at top Bitcoin casinos. They truly do offer a totally unique gambling experience.

This is one of those times when you have to grab life by the horns. Just sign up to one of Bitcoin betting sites, claim your no deposit Bitcoin casino bonus or free spins and enjoy exclusive games at casinos with a real difference.

Now, the element that keeps most people from signing up to a Bitcoin casino tends to be the fear that they don’t know how a Bitcoin transaction works.

The thing is, making a deposit or withdrawal at a Bitcoin casino is actually almost exactly the same as with any other currency or payment method, yet you just happen to be using a cryptocurrency instead.

When you’re satisfied with your winnings, go to the withdrawal screen and select your preferred method.

If you’re at a Bitcoin-exclusive casino, Bitcoin is the only choice by default. After making a withdrawal request and passing all the identification steps you’ll be able to find your winnings in your Bitcoin wallet.

That’ll be the same one you used to make a deposit. Don’t forget which one you used if you have more than one.

New Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonuses & Free Spins

bitcoin casino bonus

If you are worried as to what playing at a free Bitcoin casino entails, fret no more!

In most ways, a Bitcoin casino is identical to your usual online and/or mobile casino: it extends welcome bonuses to players, runs special Bitcoin casino promotions, such as giveaways and tournaments, and offers a vast array of titles where you will easily find your favourite Bitcoin online casino game to play.

Many sites often extend a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus offer – just like a real money mobile casino site would.

Alternatively, they might offer to match your deposit with a Bitcoin casino deposit bonus.

Keep in mind that playing at a Bitcoin casino doesn’t mean all promotions come free of wagering requirements or other restrictions.

Usually, a Bitcoin casino promo works just like the usual offers do, so check out the terms and conditions of any offer you accept in due course.

Bitcoin casino free bonus is also possible and, although some requirements may still apply to it, you can generally find an offer that’s easier to benefit from.

Such Bitcoin casino bonus isn’t exactly frequent for new players. You’ll usually have to make a few deposits at first and prove yourself as a returning player.

Loyalty bonuses at Bitcoin VIP casinos, can be really amazing!

Gamblers who play Bitcoin slot games can often enjoy various tournaments too. Being the most active player in the leader board of such tournaments will net fair prizes in Bitcoins.

Even prize draws can be found, giving away real-life prizes and experiences. Those are just as popular with a certain Bitcoin online casino game or two at various sites.

So, you can find some juicy offers regardless of your taste. From popular Bitcoin slots to Bitcoin table games, everything is on the table.

Bitcoin Betting Operators in the UK

Bitcoin casino technology isn’t famous for being the most peaceful and safe. Don’t get us wrong, the currency and virtual wallets are all protected really well.

However, the fact that it provides complete anonymity looks good to people who get the wrong ideas.

In other words, virtual thieves and hackers often try to get the better of this system and benefit from Bitcoin casino game players and users of this currency in general.

Luckily, Bitcoin online casino real money gambling has been accepted by the UK Gambling Commission, which makes the life much harder for hackers. Well, at least when it relates to UK Bitcoin betting.

The thing is:

UKGC is very strict about online casinos and while they can’t control Bitcoin transactions, they can control the measures that all online casino Bitcoin operators need to take to ensure their sites are safe.

What this means is that if they want to offer a Bitcoin mobile casino game and pay out the winnings, they have to make sure they know who the winner is.

While a simple measure, it does wonders in controlling money laundering and unregulated casinos won’t necessarily do that, unfortunately.

Using this strategy, the regulators are able to minimise the damage that anonymous thieves using Bitcoin casino player identities or Bitcoin betting site offers could make. Other than that, Bitcoin is safe and you’re more likely to lose your money by forgetting your wallet address rather than having someone else hack into it.

Finally, Bitcoin online casino games are tested by independent auditors, at least in a regulated Bitcoin casino.

What does this mean?

Simply put, it means that they’re safe to play and will yield random results every time you spin or place a bet. The same industry standards for safety apply to these casinos, just like everywhere else.

Bitcoin Casino Support

bitcoin casinoThe last thing we didn’t talk about yet is casino customer support.

Like with all decent casino sites, every trustworthy Bitcoin casino offers support to their players. If there’s anything you need to know about Bitcoin casino free bonus, a specific Bitcoin new casino game, payments or anything else, you’d do well to let them know.

This also applies to anything that wasn’t clear in this Bitcoin guide or anything that we might have missed.

Depending on a particular Bitcoin games' casino, the agents should be available for at least 16 hours a day.

Comprehensive 24/7 support is, of course, a much better option and many sites that accept BTC also offer such dedicated services.

Types Of Bitcoin Games Online & Mobile

Play Bitcoin Slots Online

The real Bitcoin casino games at any site would rival those of a regular cash online or mobile casino.

That’s because when it comes to Bitcoin new casinos are springing up at a faster rate while more and more people are making the switch. The variety is just as impressive as at the largest sites that use real currency.

What’s more, in Bitcoin casinos, games are accessible on mobiles more frequently than elsewhere.

Speaking of specific slots, a Bitcoin slot casino may have titles from all of the most popular software developers. Their popular Bitcoin slots will be known to you from other casinos too, so it’s not like you’re entering a whole new world where everything is new.

You will definitely find your favourites and the industry’s classics from Mega Moolah to Gonzo’s Quest and the like, as well as new releases and indie slot games.

Bitcoin Live Casino Games & Bitcoin Roulette

bitcoin live casinoAside from slots, Bitcoin casino table games are also an important part of this niche of the industry.

Not only that, there are live Bitcoin casino sites with actual  dealers so that everyone could enjoy the thrill of a real casino from the comfort of their home.

Using a cryptocurrency shouldn’t be a reason to leave some players without their preferred games anyway, and it sure isn’t!

Play a Bitcoin casino game or two and you’ll soon notice that they offer the same entertainment you’re used to, only with the benefits of BTC payouts.

Whether it’s blackjack, Bitcoin casinos roulette, poker or even baccarat, Bitcoin live casinos have many variants of all famous casino games.

Despite Bitcoin being much more expensive than other currencies, the bet limits at these games are extremely diverse.

You may start your games with bets that have almost too many zeros for decimals to count and raise them to your liking.

Bitcoin roulette online isn’t just a hobby for VIP players, because even the most casual of gamblers can afford it. And you’ll still feel like a tuxedo-wearing high-roller, especially if you choose a live Bitcoin casino table game.

While there’s more than one Bitcoin casino that provides live Bitcoin casino roulette or other game from a certain developer, a number of these sites also have their own studios with their own dealer studios.

That’s how big this sector of gambling is and it keeps growing, providing more and more gambling software, each more exciting than the other.

So, choose to play Bitcoin roulette online and you probably won’t want to ever turn back!

Bitcoin Casino: Conclusion

We hope this guide got you to know Bitcoin a little better and that you’re ready to take the first steps to Bitcoin-funded gaming.

Before you explore every Bitcoin new casino game though, here are the most important points of this guide, in case you didn’t read it through or forgot some of it, which is totally reasonable considering the length of this read!

  1. Bitcoin is a virtual currency based on encryption technology that has no centralized bank to govern it, resulting in completely anonymous, safe and lightning-fast payments.
  2. Gambling is possible with Bitcoin too, specifically at Bitcoin casinos, which are better than regular casinos in many ways.
  3. Bitcoin casinos use newest technologies to offer top quality gambling entertainment to online and mobile users.
  4. These sites have all Bitcoin online casino game types available, including Bitcoin online slots and Bitcoin casinos roulette.
  5. The games come with a variety of bonuses and promotions, include giveaways, no deposit bonuses, tournaments and daily offers.
  6. You can enjoy all this fairly easily: just create a Bitcoin account and wallet using one of thousands of dedicated apps or desktop programs, and buy some bitcoins to make a deposit.
  7. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are faster than any other method, they have zero transaction fees and 100% private.
  8. Finally, Bitcoin gambling sites are regulated and completely legal, so we hope we’ll meet you at one of them!