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Betcade in SmartphoneMany sites online promise to tell you all about the different mobile casinos on offer, and to direct you to their various sites, but never before has there been one place offering access to all the best quality Android app casinos. Enter Betcade, an online marketplace which is set to become the first dedicated app store for real money gambling apps for Android users. The store – which is set to launch this year – will make it easier than ever before for players to find great Android friendly mobile casino apps.


Better for Players

Betcade promises to make the process of finding the kinds of real money mobile games you want to play easier, safer and more accurate, by offering a database searchable by channel, ratings, what’s popular, or what’s new. Just like the Play Store, you’ll be able to download apps directly from the store, making the process faster and easier than ever before.

Betcade sounds like it’s going to be a great tool for mobile casino players, with some of the key reasons we’re looking forward to its release including:

  • It’ll be easy to search for, filter and find new casinos and game apps which meet the specifications you are looking for
  • The store will protect you from scam sites by only featuring licensed games and casinos which have undergone Betcade’s quality control check
  • Betcade will be specifically tailored to both Android and real money gaming, meaning it’s specialist and specific
  • Helps you access casinos via apps rather than on a browser, making managing your account, accessing games and making deposits much easier


Better for Casinos

It’s not just players who are going to be benefiting from the launch of Android’s first dedicated mobile casino marketplace. Operators themselves will no doubt be looking forward to the increased exposure the store will offer, and to a specific, captive audience too. It’ll theoretically make it easier for reach new players, advertise their apps and roll out updates all in one place.

A user rating and comment system will also mean that the best quality apps will rise to the top – a boon for reputable operators, and for players who may see a move towards generally better quality apps off the back of this increased competition.


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Will GoWin Be Featured?

Players who used iOS may already have tried out our mobile app which is already available on the Apple App Store. Android users, however, still have a short wait before they can get their teeth into a GoWin casino app made for their operating system, and the Android version of the app is still under development. Don’t worry though, we’re working on getting it finished as soon as possible, so everyone will have easy access to the world’s best mobile casino!

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