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Mobile phone and laptops are basically extensions of ourselves these days, and as such, for most people, are highly private things. Often, the things we do on the internet are exactly the kinds of things we want to keep to ourselves, and that got us here at GoWin wondering how much our players talk to other people about their online and mobile gambling habits.

Luckily, as a casino, we have access to hundreds of players who we can pose exactly this question to. We asked regular players about their experience chatting to friends and family about gambling online or on mobile. Some of their responses might surprise you!


Steven (27, Essex)

Steven GoWin PlayerI never really thought of playing mobile slots as something to talk to people in real life about. I got introduced to online gaming through ads online, so it wasn’t like anyone introduced me to them or discussed them with me. I don’t spend a whole lot of my time online, but when I do I tend to do it either when I’m at home or travelling alone to pass the time – that’s why online gambling is perfect. I tend not to wager all that much, but have been lucky with a couple of big wins.

I thought I was the only one of my mates who enjoyed a cheeky flutter on mobile slots, and the last time I won a decent amount (about £230 quid on one spin) I really wanted to tell someone, but didn’t really know who.

As soon as I brought it up one time when I was out for dinner with some pals, I discovered that was far from the case. Turned out there was only one guy at the table who HADN'T gambled on his mobile before. Since then, I've noticed people doing it everywhere. Needless to say, after I mentioned my win, I was pressured into buying the next round.


Natalie (22, York)

Natalie GoWin PlayerTalking to people about gambling online? Well, I kind of do, but not in the way you’re thinking. I love the slots at GoWin, and the fact I can deposit from my phone bill, but my real passion is mobile bingo. I’m signed up to more mobile bingo sites than I can really keep track of, and my favourite sites are always those with decent chat rooms.

You’ll find all kind of people in bingo chat rooms, totally weirdos sometimes, but most people are a great laugh and decent hosts make a huge difference.The great thing about bingo chat rooms is that people totally get why you’re there, and what it is about bingo that’s so attractive.

I’ve not really mentioned that I play bingo online to any of my family or friends, mostly because I enjoy it being my own little treat. One mate spotted me playing on the sofa once and mentioned she used to play too, but that’s pretty much it.


Samir (34, Huddersfield)

Samir GoWin PlayerI’m not just a mobile casino fan, I’ve actually worked in the mobile gambling industry for a number of years, so know it pretty much inside out at this point. So yeah, basically I talk online gaming day and night to whoever will listen. My wife is pretty sick of it at this point, and my mates mostly think I’m obsessed. What can I say? It’s just fun.

You would think that having been involved in the mobile gambling industry would make me sick of the actual games by now, but I have got a few favourites that I take out for a spin every single week. Those undying classics are Starburst and Foxin Wins — I've got way too much cash out of them to quit any time soon!

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